Wednesday, January 31, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Received your v-mail jobs of Dec. 12th today. Kinda old, huh? Also got a letter from Hilah telling me all her troubles, and it sounds as if she has plenty. Then I got a v-mail from Mom. Yesterday I got a card from Aunt Stella and one from the Rumrys of La Salle. Please thank A. Stella for the swell card and note, will you? Also got another long letter from Erv yesterday too. He’s really on the heeble-hobble.

Kid, I can’t imagine who the kid was in Hq. who saw Erwin. No one has told me a thing about it yet. Unless he was in Nice otherwise there must be some mistake. Why doesn’t he write me or why didn’t he try to get in touch with me then I wonder?

Guess it’s time I gave a report on my grocery supplies. I still have a half a jar of mustard, one jar of tamales, one vegetable soup, and the catsup. Everything else is gone. Sure was good too.

Hilah seems to be having quite a time with her family. Jack sure must have been sick. He does that every winter anyway, don’t he? It (the letter) was dated Dec. 31 so he should be well by now.

How are you coming along with those treatments? Seems like you have been taking them an awful long time. I’ll swear I don’t see how those treatments can loosen up those bones any. Can’t anything else be done about it?

Got a letter here from Sis the other day that was about three miles long. There was three pages and each page was about three feet long.

Well, honey, as usual I don’t have much news to put in this letter but it’s something to read anyway. Wish I could do a little talking to you for a change in place of the writing. Sure do love you, honey, and miss you like everything. Be good.

So long now.


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