Saturday, February 3, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Haven’t had time to write much the last a couple of days or so. I got your letters of Jan. 1st and Jan. 16th. The Jan. 1 was a v-mail. Also got a letter from Mom, another letter from Sis that made three in the last few days. She’s on the ball. Got a letter from Vic Wimmer too.

So you got yourself kissed on New Years hey? Now I know I gotta come home. I might have kissed Douglass but I don’t think he would have liked it very well. That’s the only thing a guy could do, there sure isn’t any women. Are you sure you only had one drink. That falling down stuff don’t sound like it. Cain’t you all hold yore likker anymore? At least you had Es along for a chaperone although if she fell down too it doesn’t sound so good for her either.

Too bad you had to have the rumpus over the date for the card parties. Guess those babies cause a lot of changing in plans. May be Anna Mae wants to quit altogether.

Sure wish I could get back to that game again. Lord, I’ve forgotten everything now.

No, kid, I didn’t go across the border to Italy although it wouldn’t have been hard to do. The town of Monaco you talk about is a province all its own. Monte Carlo is the big town in it. I passed through Monte Carlo in a jeep one day but they wouldn’t let us stop. The town of Menton was pretty but entirely deserted. It sure was a creepy place to go through. It was a full of big hotels and very fancy too and not a soul around. The whole coast was for tourists trade. If they ever filled all those hotels they all had there sure must have been a flock of people come there.

I didn’t get any letters today from anyone. Hope I get some tomorrow. I’d like to have some more candy bars but if you can’t get them don’t bother. Did you ever get the — oh yes, I remember you did. Losing them, ain’t I? I’ll try and send that Yank magazine at the next opportunity. Forgot to put it in the last box. Sorry. Sure love you, kid, and miss you like everything. Glad New Years comes but once a year.

So long now.


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