Sunday, February 4, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, that jackpot came around again today. I got eight letters and two packs of comic books. Got your Dec. 23 letter and the comic books were from you too. Thanks a lot, kid. I see you didn’t forget the Dagwood one. Too bad they don’t publish them oftener. That’s my favorite. I got three letters from Mom, two from Dad, one from Erv and even one from L. Harry. His was more in the nature of a request than a letter. He just wants a German helmet and gas mask! He said one kid there already had one so he wanted one too. I wish I’d brought that one back but we were on the move so much that I sho’ couldn’t carry the thing. Can’t make any rash promises but if I get a chance again I’ll see what can be done. I know if I sent Harry one if would mean one for Billy too. Poor kids, they don’t realize how much trouble all that is. The only January letter I got today was from Dad. The rest was all December mail. When did you mail that package, kid? It might be just held up someplace.

I sent you fifty dollars today, honey, and also sent Mom fifty. Does that lift your morale any? At the rate you’ve been going to the doctor you probably have paid him twice that. What’s this about you not fitting into your pajamas very well? Sure got a bang out of that. Maybe the doctor knows what he’s talking about when he says you are getting fat. If you only weigh 127 you’re no tub yet. Lord, honey, I sure wish I could see you. Haven’t heard any more news in the last two days so I don’t know what the score is.

What does Jenny think she is anyway. The idea of waiting till Joe comes home and then deciding which one she wants. That gal needs something. I hope your mind is made up already between me and some other Joe. If Joe Chick felt the same way I would, hell would sure pop. There has been quite a bit of that done I know but the news generally reaches a guy sooner or later.

Well, honey, I’ve got a lot of letters to write today. Hope I get them all answered. Don’t know which has priority now. Seems like I’ve been writing an awful lot of letters lately. Hope you are okay. I sue love you and miss you honey. Be good.

So long now.


Blondie & Dagwood #1438-1944 Source: Abe Books.

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