Monday, February 19, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, the guys are all getting kinda mad at me again because I seem to be getting all the mail. Boy it sure is piling up. Haven’t had much time to write any letters which makes me in arrears on the answering. First off, I got your lovely Valentine card, kid, and sure like it. Smells goo too, don’t it. Most like Tabu. I’ve received a total of thirteen letters, four cards, and another package containing four packs of cigarettes from Sis. Yesterday I got eleven and the balance today. I got a swell long letter from Dad too. Boy it really perks up the morale. I got Joannie’s swell card, please, thank her for me. I’m sorry she is so disappointed about Chick, and I know she must be. I got a letter from him dated Feb. 1st and he was still okay. I got seven letters from you besides the card, honey. You’re on the ball. Every letter from Sis, Mom or Mildred C. Or even Dad keeps remarking about what a swell girl you are. In Sis’ letter she says she sure is glad I picked you. So am I and that’s for sure.

Before I forget, I wish you would thank Jennie Nelson (Chick), Anna May, Mr. + Mrs. Nelson for their cards. I sure enjoyed them all, but I won’t be able to write them at present.

Kid, you asked enough questions in that one letter to last me for the next fifty years. You know, I told you it would do no good to ask because I can’t answer. At least not at present. You’ll just have to do some more guessing.

It’s too bad that others get my mail before you do, honey, but do you know that’s the way it works at this end too? I got a letter from Mom that was a late one and she just happened to mention about Mrs. Cain, as tho it had happened several days before and it was three or four more days before I really got the letters telling me what it was all about. The mail is just funny that way but just so it gets here that’s all that I care. Sure would like to know where your package went to. Never have got it.

I saw Doug last night and he told me he got a card from you. Guess he really was surprised. He gave me the devil for not taking the address off the package paper. For Lord’s sake don’t write his wife about him falling on his puss. I sure got a kick out of that tho. I’m glad you took it that way, honey, as there really wasn’t anything to it except we got lit. You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I can’t understand these guys that marry these French gals. They must be hard up for women in the States. They probably would make good wives tho as they are used to having nothing and making anything they have do. They have one and trait that I’ll tell you about sometime. Mildred would get a kick out of it too.

I must ask Erv what the wreath is for. I don’t understand unless it has something to do with him being in for three years. Long time, isn’t it? I’ll have mine in too pretty soon. Doesn’t seem a day over fifteen years.
I don’t think you’ll have to worry about me squeezing you too much or being too strong. If anything you’ll have to hold me up at the rate I’m going.

Honey, you’d better slack up on sending these cigarettes now. I’ve got enough to last me for awhile. Once I get ahead I’ll be alright for a long time. If you can send candy bars, or cookies, I could use some of those. Sure do thank you for all you’ve done already, kid.

I told you Douglass got the Bronze star didn’t I? He really deserved it. It was for a job he did at Artena, Italy. Man, that was a rugged place for awhile.
Better quit not. I sure love you honey, miss you like everything.

Better quit now. I sure love you honey, miss you like everything.

So long now.


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