Wednesday, February 21, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, the mail slacked up today. I didn’t win anything. Yesterday I got three from Chick. He sent me a flock more jokes that were sent to him. I wrote him last night and sent that full page of the wreck on State Street that you sent me. I got a letter from Erwin Hanson too. I wrote him a letter last night. The other one was from Jack and Hilah [DeAtley]. They both wrote a couple pages. It sounds like they have been having a bad time. I only wrote those two letters last night. I was pretty tired.

We had a formation yesterday to get our Combat Infantry Badge. Yes, kid, at long last I got it. The ten bucks a month should come in handy. I don’t know how long this rating of mine will last, kid. It might stop anytime. If it does, we will have to change the thirty-five dollar allotment. The only reason I care for it at all is because of that. No, honey. I don’t have all the responsibility that I had before. Hoffman and Lee are both in Hq. Co. with me. That’s about all of the old gang.

Yesterday we also received a Yank magazine that was more or less dedicated to the Force. I am sending it home. I knew a lot of the fellows. The house you see on the front page was right near us. I was in it quite a lot. It is a pretty good article even tho there are a few mistakes in it. I don’t know where they got the idea we were in Florida, do you?

Image of the December 29, 1944 Yank Magazine, European Edition, Snook mentions in his letter. Source:

It seems we are allowed to wear a little bronze spearhead on our campaign ribbon too. One for the Aleutians and one for France. They are for those that made the spearheads on a hostile shore. If they give out anything more I’ll have to wear a harness. We haven’t got them yet but Captain Tracy said we were entitled to them.

Erwin didn’t have a lot to say except he thought this life was rugged. He hasn’t seen anything yet. Hope he doesn’t.

I’m having a lot of fun for a change with demolition work. When this war is over I’ll be able to tear a house down as well as build them. It’s kinda old stuff as far as the explosives are concerned but I’m having fun at it anyway.

How’s the cold coming along, and the back? Sure wish you were okay, honey.

Honey, if I just ask for candy bars, can’t you send anything you want to, or does it have to be what I ask for? There isn’t anything I really need but the candy bars come in pretty handy.

I guess I should write Hilah tonight but I don’t know whether I will or not.

I gotta go now so, I sure love you and miss you, honey. Hope I see you soon.

So long.


A clipping from the January 20, 1945 Daily Illini newspaper in Champaign covering the State Street wreck that Snook mentions sending Chick Bruns an article about. Source: Daily Illini via Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection.

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