Thursday, February 22, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Hit the jackpot again today, honey. Got three swell letters from you and one nice long one from Sis. Yours were dated Feb. 7, 8, and 12th and Sis was dated the 12th too. That’s doing pretty well even as to time. I hope mine are doing that good.

Was certainly a blow to hear about Erwin Hanson being wounded. I had just wrote to him last night and answered his letter. He may be in the States by now unless his wounds don’t require that much treatment. I’m glad to hear he wasn’t too seriously hurt. Maybe I’ll hear from him again.

Honey, I wouldn’t take any chance on the income taxes. You remember what a time I had that one time over the other deal. It’s better to be reasonably right anyway. At least you won’t have to worry about any for me, will you?

I’m glad you received the patches okay. I sent the Yank magazine last night. I haven’t sent the other one yet but I will. I forgot to put it in the package I sent. That was the package that had the perfume in it.

No, honey, I’m not a litter bearer any more. You can quit worrying on that score. That’s worse than being in the lines because you can’t have any weapons. It means taking more chances too. I’m luck to be here, I guess, or else your prayers and mine did a lot of good. There were a few times when it looked like school was going to be out.

It sure is too bad about Mrs. Ack. It will seem funny to come home and not see all the old faces. They sure have been dying off this last year. Of all the troubles she had lately, it’s just as well she died I guess.

So Bernard managed to christen his new car, hey? Must be a bad habit going around. First my pappy, then Francy, and now Bernard. From the sound of things it must cost plenty to have things fixed.

Your Feb. 12 letter was sure an extra long one. Four big pages. Really liked it.
Guess Bernie had a short love life, didn’t she? I’m glad she wasn’t serious about it. She must have her pick of the boyfriends now, hasn’t she?

When you speak of the effort it takes to write a letter, you aren’t kidding. Right now Hoffman has his big mouth going ninety miles an hour. You know how soft spoken he is anyway. It sounds like a boiler factory.

Sis wrote a nice long one on that toilet paper stationary. This was a shorter variety only being six feet long.

Did I ever tell you I went to town one day and wanted to do some shopping? Well, I did, and couldn’t find a thing. No perfume – good that is, no nothin’. I can’t even have my films developed. That really hurts. I have two rolls that I’d sure like to see how they turned out.

Well, honey, guess it’s about time I wrote the folks a few lines. Kinda tired tonight again.

Hope you are still okay, honey. I’m fine so far. Sure love you and miss you, kid. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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