Friday, February 23, 1945

Dearest Gee.

This is one of those days of days for mail. Lordy, honey, I got six letters from you, a swell card and letter combined from Mom, a v-mail from Mae, a v- from Hilah, and two from Billy. Sure did get a kick out of Billy’s letters. He had written one and put Chick’s address on it and it came back to him so he writes another one and puts the other letter (envelope and all) in the second one. He sure is a case. Your swell letters were dated Jan. 17th, 18th, 20th – a v- of Jan. 29th, Feb. 5 and 6th. Boy I was sure surprised. And to top it off, tonight I got a package from you. Sure do thank you, honey. It has two packages of noodles, can of beef soup, can corn, cheese crackers, candy bars, and funny papers. We eat again! Seriously tho, we are getting the best of eats. We have some doggone good cooks too. That latter part makes a big difference in itself. Tonight we had baked chicken, dressing, green beans, and coffee. Guess we must have been celebrating Washington’s birthday or something.

Even tho a lot of your letters were old they were sure welcome. That must take care of nearly all the January mail. Do you know I got Mom’s and Sis’s packages of cigarettes before I got their letters telling me they were sending them. Never got that other package of yours so I guess it must be lost. Sure makes me sick.

I’m glad you are taking in so many shows now. I don’t understand when you say you have to borrow money from your mother and Mrs. Fleshner. How come? Then you say you are putting money in the bank. Was the weather so bad you couldn’t get out?

So Paul and Louann are pulling stakes. I never thought Paul would do that unless it was to take up a war plant job. How does he stand with his draft board. You sound kinda pissed off at Jack. I don’t hold no hard feelings. Hell he played the cards right and was lucky. Guess he is having his troubles too only he’s at home with them.

Just finished buying my P.X. rations. Got a two week supply so I have “boo coo” [beaucoup] smoking. Chesterfields too, kid! Maybe I’d better start sending you some, huh? You don’t have to send any more now. If I need any more I’ll let you know ahead of time. Hope you come out okay on your ration card. I got four Hershey’s and four taffy bars tonight also toothpaste and a can of pineapple juice.

A fine way for you to end a letter by telling me Urbana got beat 52 to 20 by Champaign. You know Urbana can’t play when I’m not there to root for them.

I gotta go now. I sure love you and miss you honey. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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