Sunday, March 11, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got two letters today, honey, I sure have been sweating out. Since I got your letter about Eli I’ve been wondering how things were going. It sure knocked the props out from me. Today, I got your Feb. 27 letter and one from Mildred C. Of Feb. 23. She had written two letters and sent one copy to Erv and one to me. She told me a lot of new particulars too. I guess Sis must be taking it pretty hard. It sure must have been a shock to her, especially since she walked in and found him that way. He must have had a nice funeral the way you described it. I’m still awfully worried about the folks. Especially Dad. Anything close to a funeral always makes him nervous anyway and this probably worked him all up ten times over. Be sure and keep me posted. Mom never lets on that anything is the matter with her. She was Eli’s pal anyway and always babied him. I haven’t written Erv yet. Did you write him the same time as you did me? Poor Florence, I didn’t know that she was so easy to go into hysterics. You must have really been kept busy, kid, and I sure wish I could have been there. Hope you don’t get down over it all. It was nice that Mae got to come and stay.

I haven’t been able to write the last few days. I got four packages from you the other day of candles, funnies. Sure thank you, honey. I also got one from Mom of two packages of cigarettes, a roll of film, and pack of gum. Oh, I got the pair of wool gloves you sent too. Sure thank you for those too, kid.
I sent home my Italian carbine yesterday. It’s in a long wooden box. Hope it gets through in good shape. Bernard can put it together as it isn’t hard to assemble. Couldn’t put in any ammo but I think some can be ordered after the war is over.

We got our P.X. rations again yesterday. Got some candy bars, cigarettes, soap, gum, and cigars. Sure put a hole in the candy right away.

Got a v-letter from Mom yesterday but it was an old one. Don’t suppose I can plan on getting any mail from them for some time yet.

We finally signed the payroll the other day. Should get two months pay this trip. If I can get some souvenirs I’ll send some home but don’t bank too much on it.

I expect Sis will be lost for some time to come until she gets herself adjusted. One nice thing she wasn’t all by herself when it happened. Golly, I just can’t get over it.

Well, honey, I want to write a few more letters if I can. It’s a madhouse in here tonight to try to write anything. I sure love you and miss you, honey. More than ever.

So long now.


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