Tuesday, March 13, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Been hitting a few more letters the last couple days. Got your v-mail of Feb. 23 telling me about Eli so you can see that air mail letters gets here lots quicker as I’ve had your airmail letter since last Thursday or Friday. Also got an old v-mail from Mom. It wasn’t too old tho as it was the 21st. Also got a long letter from Mildred C. of Feb. 19 and today I got a letter from Erwin Hanson of Feb 1. Was surprised to hear from him. I don’t know whether he has my two letters or not. Evidently he hasn’t yet tho.

Seems funny to get letters mentioning Eli as doing this and that and knowing now that he has gone. It sure must have been as surprise to everyone.

I got a package yesterday from Mom of four packs of Old Golds. I’m way ahead now on cigarettes.

There is one thing I would like but don’t know whether you can get it or not. I would like to have a cheap wrist watch. Accent on the cheap! The one I did have when I was a section leader was an issue and was called in. Guess I should have told them I lost it and paid a statement of charges on it but it wasn’t worth it. I still have my pocket Ben but it doesn’t keep good time anymore. Besides it’s unhandy to carry one in the pocket. If you can’t get one it will be perfectly all right, kid, so don’t stew about it.

How’s everything going now? Hope everyone is alright. I expect Sis is feeling pretty lost. Sure feel sorry for her and wish I could help her in some way.

Well, honey, I gotta write Mom a letter now and the time is sure limited for it. I’m sure busy. Hope you are okay. Sure will be glad when I see you again. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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