Saturday, March 17, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got four nice packages from you today and one from Sis and one letter with handkerchiefs in it from Mom. I got three packs of cigarettes from Sis and four from you, and two packs of Sir Walter Raleigh pipe tobacco. The rest was funny papers. Sure thank you a lot honey. I also got this tablet and air mail envelopes. Sure was in need of those but I can buy them kid so it isn’t necessary for you to send them.

Well, kid, you know I told you I thought I’d go shopping for souvenirs. Well, yesterday I did. Hoffman and two other guys and I went on pass. I spent sixty-five bucks on stuff but I’m pretty sure this time that I got stung. Of course, I’m not sure that part will be up to you. You can keep this letter and when you get the package you’ll know how to dish it out as I got stuff for you, Mom, Sis, Mildred and Mae. All I bought was perfume and gloves, and one hanky for you. On any of the stuff you have your choice first but I bought the perfume kinda special. Yours is called “Chouki” and stuck me fourteen fish. I sure hope you like it. Mom’s and Sis’ is the “Le Dieu du Jour” put out by Callot sisters. Mildred’s and Mae’s is “Dernier Atout” put out by Robert Leurent. As I said before I’m no experienced perfume buyer but give me time and you’ll have as much perfume as you have cameos. If you all like the perfume that will be thanks enough. Mom’s and Sis’ cost nine apiece and Mildred’s and Mae’s four but you don’t mention that. I’m just giving you an idea of what the cost is over here. I kept asking for Chanel No. 5 and Tabu but no soap. One gal told me that those weren’t the best perfumes but that “Gardenia” or some such a name was. Is she talking through her hat? I told her that maybe that was the best in France but not in the States. So there! The gloves are handmade — or so I was led to believe — and are all alike except for pattern and color. You’ll have to make up your mind which you want of those and give a pair to Mom, Sis, and Mildred. The hanky, kid, is all yours. The gloves cost six bucks a pair. I had nothing to spend the dough on anyway so thought maybe you’d like these things. I tried to find something for Billy and the rest of the kids bit they just haven’t anything. Unless they smoke, do they? I stayed sober too, kid, only had one shot of cognac and two bottles of beer. Then we went to a show. Saw “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”. It sure was a sad sort of picture and I didn’t care very much about it. I think you told me you saw that picture. We haven’t been having any shows lately as the projector or something is on the bum and we can’t get any.

I sent my two rolls of film to be developed and I hope, printed. Had one of the guys take it to the Special Service Officer. I guess they have the work done. Hope they turn out good. They have pictures of Doug’s sore face in it. It really was a mess. Sure hope you haven’t written to Mrs. Douglass, have you?

Managed to snag a cold someway or other but nothing serious. Mom’s hankies should combine handy.

Well, guess I’d better stop for now. Four pages is pretty good for me. I sure hope you are all okay. Love you like everything and sure miss you.

So long.


A vintage Chouki perfume bottle.

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