Friday, April 6, 1945

Somewhere in Germany.

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, guess it’s time I got off a few lines to you and let you know I’m still okay. I got your March 11 and 14th letters awhile back so will try to answer them. Don’t know when we will get any fresh mail but hope it is soon.

Now that I’m in Germany you can start in wondering all the more, can’t you, kid? You might just as well stop worrying and wondering both, because it won’t do any good. As you probably know we can’t have anything to do with the Germans. Even the kids. That is one thing the G.I.s can’t get used to is not having anything to do with kids, as they generally wound up with all the loose candy and everything else that they wanted. I don’t see any harm in it myself but who am I to tell them what to do.

By the way, the next time you see Aunt Stella ask her if she knows any Jaynes’ in Attica, Indiana. One of the guys in our company is from there. I know him pretty well. Just found out where he was from tho. He said he know some Welchs’ there that’s what made me ask. Didn’t we go there the day the Japs attacked us? Maybe I’m mixed up.

Lord, kid, now you say you are going to wear a lift in your shoe? What the devil is getting the matter? You never had that much trouble when I was home. Isn’t there anything can be done to cure it?

I’ve been sweating out Easter and your new outfit. I know as sure as I was sitting here that you’d come up with a new something or other. Had a talk with Doug and Close the other day. They were asking about you and the clothes proposition. You must be something in red shoes.

Yep, I’m sure glad I’m not in on that wallpapering and painting. Although if I had a choice of this or that — I’d that that!

Glad to hear your weather is good. Ours isn’t but we hope for the best.
I would sure liked for you to have seen the country that I did. Boy, it sure is beautiful. Some of the towns weren’t hit so hard but the ones that were are sure laid flat.

Well, honey. I guess I’d better stop for now. Don’t expect too many letters for awhile. Remember I still love you and miss you like everything.

So long.


Orville F. Jaynes, of Attica, Indiana, First Special Service Force, Maintenance Company. Photo source: First Special Service Force Association Website.

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