Sunday, April 8, 1945

Somewhere in Germany.

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I feel pretty good today since I got four letters from you, a five pager typewritten from Mildred, and a four-pager from Mom. Your letters were dated March 19, 20, 22, and 23rd so they were fairly late ones which made it all the better.

This is a fine Sunday so this afternoon I did my washing. From somewhere we scrounged a washing machine, hand pumping, model 1908, so it makes washing clothes a little easier. Lord knows mine sure needed it. Washed my jacket, fatigues, suit of wool undies and some socks and hankies. Don’t get any ideas now, because you’re still gonna wash my clothes when I get home.

We also had a very fine shower the other day. Nice hot water too, for a change. Today I got my PX rations so I have plenty of cigarettes. Haven’t got to count my candy bars but I’ll have to subtract three because same amount is “et”. Went to a show last night. Saw Jean Arthur in “Impatient Years”. It was pretty good. I could have killed that four-f. b—- in it but he got the worst in the end. Did you see it?

I should have thought Chick would be out of the hospital now. Once they get you in there they never want to let you go. Most guys are afraid their outfits will move while they are there and that they will be shipped to a different one. I think that’s the reason most of them are in a hurry to get out. Honey, I think Mom has the idea I went to the hospital about the base. I just went to our medics on sick call. It was okay in a couple days. Guess I didn’t make myself very clear.

So Champaign lost in the finals. Sure must have been a good game to have such a close score.

Mildred told me all about the birthday party on Coe and about Claudie having his upper teeth pulled. I think Dad would feel better if he would have that done.

What one of the Yank magazines did you get, kid? I don’t know whether you have the right one or not. Hope the other one comes through alright as I didn’t wrap it up very good. Hope the perfume and stuff gets through okay too.

It sure seems queer to be in Schnazi land and know you have no friends in the civilian population. Always before we could go about without a care in the world but now you can’t take any chances. There is no doubt but what some of the German people would like to be our friends but there is no way to decide who is and isn’t so consequently we don’t trust any of them.

Don’t worry about the watch, honey. If you can’t find one let it go. I am supposed to get one in my new capacity as squad leader but there seems to be a shortage of them here too. They break so easily and are hard to keep in repair.

So Juanita broke her ankle! That sure was a foolish trick to pull. Hope she gets along okay. How is married life agreeing with her?

Well, honey, I think I’d better stop now. Hope everyone is okay. How’s the legs? I sure love you and miss you to honey.

So long now.


The Impatient Years (1944).

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