Thursday, April 12, 1945 (first letter)

Somewhere in Germany

Dearest Gee.

Received your March 25 three pager a few days ago but haven’t had a chance to answer it until now. I’m sweating out a mail call today and I should pull in a few as I haven’t heard from anyone for a few days.

Guess you know that the 11th of next month will be my third anniversary in this armed force. Should start drawing “sympathy” pay then. Every time I see one of these towns all blowed to hell it makes me thankful that all of it has been on this side of the pond. For those people who wanted to wait and let them come over to us, they should let them see some of the destruction and it might change their minds a little.

Was awfully sorry to hear that you didn’t get that Easter bonnet, kid, as Easter and a new hat goes hand in hand, don’t it? You probably have one by now tho, haven’t you? I’m looking forward to the cookies anyway. Never have received that second box you said you sent yet either. I haven’t got the pictures back from the Special Service officer yet either. It’s been a month now. They tell me it takes about six weeks tho. I have three more rolls to have developed. Hope you can run across some more film for me. I have ten rolls left. Would like to have a picture Hitler’s face about now, wouldn’t you?

I know of several instances of fellows over here finding their wives and girlfriends unfaithful to them. It sure is a shame. Was surprised to hear that about Farn (Fern?) Craig tho.

How the devil did Dad get fifty gallons of gas extra? I’m glad he did, as if he has any work at all he’ll need the car.

Was that the same size bottle of Tabu perfume in this ad you sent? I notice it says $2.75 and $7.50 up. You told me that what I sent was worth thirty five. You should have the other box by now.

I saw Paris but not very well. I didn’t get a chance to get into the heart of town. It sure is a big place what I mean. I did get to see the famous Arch of Triumph but the Eiffel Tower was too far away. However I did get a pretty good view of it and snapped a picture but it may be too far for the camera.

I haven’t got an answer to the letter I wrote Chick yet. He should be able to write quite a few in the hospital. If he is in a nice town he ought to get a few passes as they are pretty good about giving passes when you are practically well. At least he is getting good rest.

How is Joannie and Francy? Have they got rid of the termites yet?

Guess I’d better can this chatter for awhile. Hope I hear from you today. I’m still okay. Sure love you, honey, and miss you. Anxious to see you again.

So long now.


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