Thursday, April 12, 1945 (second letter)

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I just wrote you a four pager awhile ago but that was before we had our mail call. I really collected from you. Four nice fat air mail letters of March 28, 29, 30th and April 1. I thought that was really making good time and it tickled me no end. I also got a v-mail letter from the Bridge Club that I sure enjoyed too.

I’m sure glad you finally got hold of a watch. That sure sounds like a real bargain and I know I’ll be proud of it. If you sent it first class I should be getting it pretty soon. It was mighty nice of Howard to do us the favor. Be sure and tell him I said thanks.

So Chick sent you all flowers for Easter. I can never think of those things. Guess yours will have to wait till I get home, honey. It makes me feel kinda bad because I didn’t send you something like that. I’m always thinking of you tho and that’s for sure. I would like to see Chick again and talk over a few old times once more. Maybe we will, who knows?

Evidently Erwin is alright again, since you say he is back to his old grind. He must have had quite an experience. I had a close call once of nearly being captured but the Barber legs never failed me. I’m glad you liked the commendation. There were several of us got one. Close did, and Hoffman, and Douglass, I believe got one too. I was talking to Doug today for awhile. He has a little cold he’s been doctoring. I feel sorry for Close. He said his mother is about to be operated on her heart (of all things) and they can’t make up their minds whether she can stand the operation or not. Of course Close has just found it out and is worried half silly about it. It sure makes a fellow feel helpless to be so far away from everything.

Guess Orpha must not have had the trouble this time getting pregnant that she did the last. Hope their hopes of a girl comes thru okay.

Sorry I can’t give you any dope on our outfit, honey, but it just isn’t being done in the best army circles at present. Some rainy night at home I’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime just keep your shirt on, kid, and it will all come out in the wash. I’m glad to hear they are still mentioning the 1st S.S.F. in print once in awhile. Was afraid everybody was forgetting it. Yes, I know where Frederick is, and Col. Walker is our C.O. now. He is every inch a soldier and has plenty of inches. He is very well liked by the men.

It sounds as if you really did put in a busy day on Easter. I’m glad one of us went to church anyway. I was in a position where I couldn’t very well.
Honey, you handle that “Tabu” with care. You’re going to have so much glamour laying around the house it’s liable to be dangerous. Lord, I never even knew they had such a thing as Tabu bath powder. You’d better not save it till I get home or it’s liable to lose its strength.

As you know this is my favorite time of the year and everything is going good. Germany, what is left of it, is very picturesque and you would sure love to see it, I know. It’s a shame they have to be the kind of people they are. They sure are being kicked in the teeth now.

Well, honey, I gotta stop. I’ve written more than usual today for some reason or other. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


1940s era Tabu bath powder, similar to what Snook mentions Gee getting.

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