Tuesday, April 17, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, this certainly was a surprise to get this stationary. I hope you haven’t impinged on any copyrights or patents. It came just a little late tho, since I’m no longer a member of said organization. Guess there is no law against using the stationary tho. Sure thank you, kid. The fellows really think it’s snazzy. I hope you can read this as I’m juggling this on my knee.

My APO number has been changed to #403 so please pass it around, will you? I won’t be able to dash off as many as in the old days. Tell Joannie + Francy that I got their swell Easter card and note. I sincerely hope Chick and I both are home soon, however don’t bank on it. I also got a nice card from Mae, a swell letter from Billy, a letter from Erv, and last but not least, your letter of March 9. Twas an old one as I have already received some April mail. I about fainted when you said Dad was going to the show. I wish he could go more often with Mom.

Have you received any of my packages yet? Hope they get through the struggle okay. I managed to lose my pencil that I have all that lead for. Got plenty of lead now and no pencil. The ever-sharp I have is too small for this lead.

Sure am sweating out my watch, kid. I’ll bet I’ll like it and that’s for sure.

You’re the only one I’m writing at the present. So pass the APO on will you? Sure love you and miss you, honey. I’m okay so far.

So long now.


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