Thursday, April 26, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Have a few spare minutes tonight honey, so I’ll try to answer the swell letter of April 6 I got a couple days ago. I also got a nice long job from Dad today. It was the first time I’ve heard from him in some time. I noticed tonight that we got quite a few bags of mail in so maybe I’ll click tomorrow for a few. Hope so.

From the sound of your letter you must be trying to work yourself silly. I don’t know why you don’t use the money I send you. You act as if I were going to beat you every time you used a dollar of it. Lord, kid, I expect you to use it, that’s what I’m sending it for. You could afford to be a little more independent in your work then and take better care of yourself. I think you’ve done very well, having that amount in the bank and bonds too.

I’m sending you another package kid. Only I’m afraid this one is for me. It’s a Jerry flying jacket, a pair of flying mittens and a couple undershirts. Suppose you’ll be using one of the undy shirts for a sweater but I don’t care. Just don’t use the one with the swastika plastered all over it. Have you ever got the perfume and gloves yet? Also the other Yank magazine?

I sure miss you, honey. Don’t think the war ca last much longer. I’m okay so far. I’m hoping to answer Billy’s nice letter soon so tell him not to get impatient. I want to write Dad now so will write again when I can. Sure love you, honey.

So long.


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