Saturday, April 28, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got your delivery package yesterday of a half peanut (?) and coke and noodles. Boy, did that go good. The boys all said to write you again so I am. It went down right easy. I also got a package from Jack and Hilah of fudge and magazines. Sure was good fudge.

Yesterday I got letters from Mom and today one from you of March 26 (an oldie), one from Erv, one from Billy and one from Coe. The mail is coming in pretty good now. I hope all the packages have arrived that I sent. The Yank magazine you didn’t get is the old one that I picked up and had pictures of the Rome push in it. I hope that gets through finally as there was one picture in it I especially wanted to save. I’ll never forget it even without the picture.

You must be doing swelegant (?) on the bridge, honey. Looks like someone is going to have to furnish you with a feed, this time anyway. I’ve forgotten what little I did know about it.

Our weather isn’t too bad. Gets a little chilly when it rains but then it warms up in the daytimes.

I sure got a kick out of Billy’s letter. He writes a pretty good letter. Sent me some jokes and a picture he drew. Tell him he can have that Jerry undershirt with the swastika on it. I’ll probably get in dutch with Little Harry because there isn’t two of them. But Billy writes me quite a bit.

I’ll enclose that picture of Erv that you wanted. He couldn’t account for sending me two pictures either.

I guess the folks are having quite a siege of termites too. Must have got a quite a start.

How does Claudie get along with his teeth now? I’ll bet he looks different. In fact, I’ll bet you all look different. Don’t be alarmed if someday an old gray haired geezer walks in and pronounces himself your hubby because it will be me. I haven’t reached Erv’s stage yet — he says he’s even beginning to walk like the Italians. I’ll be lucky to even walk. Have a little touch of rheumatics (that’s a tough one to spell) in my left arm but it only bothers me when it’s bad weather.

Well, honey, I’ve about run through the letter ration tonight. Tell Bill I’ll write tomorrow. Oughta write Jack + Hilah too. Sure love you and miss you awful, honey.

So long now.


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