Saturday, May 26, 1945

(Note: this letter and the one following tomorrow are dated the same, but only the following/tomorrow’s seems to have been written on the 27th. I believe this letter precedes the next one, but it is possible it follows instead).

Dearest Gee.

Got your May 2 jobby today and a swell package. It had candy bars, funny papers, and a can of beef + noodle soup and crackers in it. I’ve sure been candy hungry lately to. We had a PX ration the other day and I got five or six Hershey bars but they didn’t last very long. Sure thank you. Won’t you be glad when you can buy me candy bars and hand them to me?

Also got a v-mail today from Coe. I just wrote her yesterday. She says they have been sick.

Yes, honey, I was with the third army in this last go around. That’s all I can say at present.

Went to another show yesterday. Saw Judy Garland in “Meet Me in St. Louis”. It was pretty good. The dang sound tube or something was bad and we had about fourteen breaks in the picture but that is a minor affair.
Guess you can tell by the hen scribbling that it’s kinda chilly here. It rains almost every day for part of the day at least and it sure turns chilly.

Have you heard anymore from Chick or Erv? I see by the paper where Hodges is back in the States. Those guys won’t be so glad to get back, or will they? I sure hope I never have to go there. I came close enough the first time. I suppose by the time I get home they’ll have decided 85 is too low a number and raise it ten or fifteen. If they do will you find us a nice quiet spot for us to go awol? If I though I’d have to spend another year or two overseas I’d go nuts. Guess that all remains to be seen tho. I’m sure hoping to be home by Christmas tho. Seems like I’ve been away from you for ten years. From your pictures I think I’d like to meet you sometime.

I’m afraid everybody is planning on the Jap war ending quick but it won’t be that way. Those guys are really having it tough. The farther they get the tougher it’s going to get too.

Well, honey, when I get to Norway maybe I can write a little more. I’ll at least let you know how things go. I sure hope I get to see you soon. How are you feeling now. Sure love you and miss you.

So long.


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