Sunday, May 27, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Didn’t hear from you today, honey, but I got a v-mail from Coe dated May 14 so that is a pretty late one. I noticed she used the APO 4994, hasn’t anyone told her the latest one? I wrote her the other day and told her.

I was kinda planning on going to church this morning but things didn’t work out that way. It was raining again, or should I say, yet. It sure is disagreeable. If it keeps up I’ll sock my heavy underwear back on. Have the tops on now. You should see me in my new Eisenhower jacket, kid. It sure is peachy. Have to sew on my overseas stripes yet and get a hash mark. I just have three overseas bars but in three months I’ll be eligible for another one. Have twenty-one months now. I expect Chick and Erv have an armful. I’ve been watching in the papers for the different outfits going home but haven’t noticed any of theirs. They’ll probably be walking in on you guys one of these days. Sure wish I could join you. Save me some drinking material will you? After all I don’t think they’ll keep me here forever. Still don’t know about this fifth star for over here. I’m sweating that one out for sure.

Got my P.X. ration today. I was completely out of cigarettes but one guy loaned me a carton. Now I have plenty tho. Also got six candy bars, gum, a shoe brush (?) shoe polish (?) razor blades, and a Life magazine. Paid a nickel for a Life.

My little knowledge of German came in pretty handy. One day one mission was to bring in some known leaders of S.S. men. The lieutenant had me question the burgomeister of the place as to where the men lived. He took us there but they weren’t home. They were supposed to be working in some field. I made the burgomeister take me and another guy out and finally he knew where the field was. When we got there the burgo said he wasn’t there but I told him that me and him would take a walk and see. There were woods and an orchard there so we meandered around until we saw a man and boy over near the edge of the woods, I asked him if that was him and he admitted it was. I loaded him on and told the burgo we wanted the other guy that was on one list too. He said he didn’t know where he was (again) but I told him we’d ride around until we did find him. Finally on a side of a road the guy we wanted was loading a horse and wagon. The burgo told me that was him. First I asked him if there was anyone around he could leave his horse in care of but he said no. He said it would only take him five minutes to get it to town. I told him he’d have to hurry so he ran all the way to town alongside the horse. I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t ride the dang thing. I think the lieutenant was surprised when I brought those two jerks back (He stayed in town with the rest). The Jerrys did that kind of stuff quite a bit. They would take off their uniforms and put on civilian clothes. Couldn’t take any chances tho. I don’t think they are giving enough credit to the guys who were in the Italian campaign. That was the scene of some damn bitter fighting in the worst kind of conditions. Here they had plenty of room to maneuver in but there they didn’t. Each time they’d say we’ve got one more mountain to go over and they it’s flat country, but when you hit the top of that one there would be another one. Anzio was the first time we had our feet on level ground but that was like being in a boxing arena. Something was always going on in there. If it wasn’t an air raid it was artillery. I wish it was possible for me and you to tour all those places we’ve been after all this is over. But it would be for your benefit, not mine. I don’t care to see this anymore. I just want to be home with you.

How is your back and feet doing? You don’t mention that anymore. Are you getting in condition. The time is growing short. Just hand on awhile longer, kid. We’ll be together before you know it.

Well, it’s pouring down rain again! What a beautiful day this has been. Gotta go now, kid. Sure love you and miss you.

So long.


Snook’s “Eisenhower jacket”.

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