Monday, May 28, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got three swell letters from you today, kid, and three from Mom. Sure was glad to get them too as they were the first I’ve received that were written after this war was over. Yours were of May 8, 9, and 18th. That ten-day one sure made good time, didn’t it?

I was afraid you’d be all worked up and figuring on me being home right away but you’ll have to hold off awhile longer. Mom says Dad has even decided to quit writing already. Fine thing. Guess I won’t have to worry about the other war but still you never can tell. You needn’t worry any on that volunteering stuff. I’m finished with that. My last volunteering will be to volunteer to be a civilian again. I don’t understand you not getting my mail for a month. Sometimes I went a few days without writing but not that long. You’ll probably get a gob of it one of these days. Later on I should have lots of time to write. It’s still chilly and rainy and boy am I disgusted with it.

I went to a show last night. It didn’t start until after eight so it was after ten when it let out. It was a pretty good picture called “Ziegfeld Girl”. I thought I had seen it a long long time ago but just remembered pieces of it. Anything to keep from going stir crazy.

I thought I mentioned getting the picture of Anna May and the baby, kid, but maybe I didn’t. I thought she looked pretty cute (the baby).

Yes, Erv told me about the physicals. I’ve had mine too. They forgot a short arm for some reason or other so I suppose we will get one of those too.

Glad you finally got your watch back, kid. Mine is doing first rate. Wouldn’t take a million for it. I never have figured out if it keeps the right time or not as no two guys ever have the same time. It must be pretty close tho.

I don’t see any reason why you can’t go ahead and send boxes if you want to. I’m down to four rolls of film but maybe I can get some in Norway. They should have plenty. Unless the Jerries took it all away from them. Guess from what they tell me, that the Norwegians are pretty nice people. I still won’t be able to understand the lingo. Lee should be in the height of his glory. He wants to go home tho too. Don’t we all? I sure hope we get the other five points, kid. The guys who are between 80 and 85 are in a hell of a fix, ain’t they? Looks like a case of T.S. to me.

Guess I had better write Mom a few lines. She’s worrying too. It’s getting hard to write letters again. I’ll sure be glad when I don’t have to. Can you read this okay? I’m low on paper. Sure love you, honey, and miss you like everything.

So long now.


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