Tuesday, May 29, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Lord’s sakes, this month seems like it’s been six years long. Don’t know why but the days sure seem to hang on longer than they should. It doesn’t get dark until after ten and that doesn’t help matters any. I’ll sure be glad (I hope) when we get to Norway. At least it will be something different. Nothing will satisfy me now until I get home. Would sure like to know when that will be. I went to the show again tonight. It was an English picture but pretty good for a change. The name of it was “Molly and me”. Monte Woolley played in it, with Gracie Fields. As usual the thing was packed jammed. You have to get over there at least an hour early or you don’t sit down. Me and another guy went to one last night and walked out. It had all the earmarks of being lousy — and besides we had to stand. The name of it was “Three is a Family”. Arthur Lake played in it but I don’t particularly care for him, only in the Blondie series. I saw one of those awhile back.

Gosh, kid, pretty soon you’ll be celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary alone. Then your birthday and then mine. Sure would like to get home for one of them. Preferably the first one. We sure have lots to make up for. If they keep on trying to give us bonuses one of these days we’re liable to fool them and take one. I’m afraid that is all talk tho. I’ve never had anything given to me like that but what you paid it back in the end. All I want is a good Jon and I think we can manage.

How is the eating problem? All I can read is that it’s getting worse. You guys keep writing that you’re eating chicken and the paper says there isn’t any there. What’s the score? If some of these other nations would quit depending on us so much and get busy and scratch for themselves it would help a lot.

For once I don’t believe it rained today. First nice day we’ve had for some time. Now I suppose it will rain tomorrow. Such a life.

What do you hear from Chick and Erv? I try to get a line on them but it’s tough. I’ve seen some of Chick’s outfit tho. Sure hope they make it home okay.

These are my last two sheets of paper but I can borrow some.

Have you got all the housecleaning done? I sure would hate to come home in the midst of something like that. I’m not used to stuff like that. You’ll have to take it easy on me, kid. That Saturday afternoon mopping of the shop especially. Guess this is the bitter end for tonight, honey. Take it easy. I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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