Friday, June 1, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Been neglecting you the past couple of days but, as I told you, I’m out of paper and envelopes. No, don’t send any now as it’s just temporary. I borrowed this paper and one envelope. About all I’ve been doing lately is going to the show. Yesterday I saw two and the day before I saw two. One was a knock ‘em down, drag ‘em out called “Toe in the Saddle” or something like that. The others were “Frisco Sal” and “Cinderella Jones”. Don’t remember the name of the other picture.

The food business is falling below the usual standard but then they have a chow line about a mile long to contend with. Yesterday we had chicken and I wound up with a neck and a little piece of breast that had stuck on to it by mistake. Personally, I think the army chickens are freaks, they only have necks and wings and a few legs. It’s better than a diet of C rations tho — or is it? Some c rations they’re putting out now aren’t bad at all. Did I ever tell you I landed at Casablanca? I had a train ride per 40 and 8 to Oran. If ever there was a filthy dirty place it’s Africa. The country is pretty to look at but not to live in for very long. I got to Naples in time to spend the night in the rain with no tent, sleeping bag, no nothing. My bag got misplaced so I had to get in a truck with a bunch of barracks bags. Covered up with them as it was pretty cold. Woke up every fifteen minutes with cramps all over and couldn’t move because of all the bags on top. Yes, honey, I thought about you and that bed about then. Course there were a few choice other words spoken too. Summa bitchin rain or words to that affect. I got to Capua just in time. Two Jerry planes came down the road strafing and set one truck on fire and killed a couple guys. I use to watch air raids on Naples from an upstairs window. They had as much ack ack around there as they did at Anzio and that’s saying something. The planes never seemed to do much damage. I was at Mt. Difensa when the Force went in to action for the first time in Italy. That was a wicked looking baby. I don’t like mountains anymore. I saw San Pietro, that’s where I was on top of a mountain and watched our artillery shelling the town down in the valley. It was really a sight. I also got a bomb job and strafed while going up the mountain too. Yes, honey, I sure thought of you then too. We had a blizzard there too around Christmas time. I was there for that Christmas — and the blizzard. We got our turkey a day late. Then came Anzio, but you know about that. I saw Artena, Collaferra, Rocamessina, Valmontone, and then Rome. I thought the war was over when we got to Rome. But it wasn’t. Then I saw Salerno, Pompeii, and Naples again. I had so much amphibious training that I felt like a duck. One night I was coming in to shore on a rubber boat and a wave caught us and like to beat the hell out of us before we could get out. That was how your picture got wet. But I still have it. I thought about you that night too. They wouldn’t let us smoke — mine was wet anyway. Then I went to Corsica, Le Vant, and St. Raphael. Saw Grasse “the home of perfume” the hard way. Walked every step of the way to Sospel not far from Nice. Coming in on the rubber boats on Le Vant I thought about you too, honey. A hell of a way to spend a married life out boat riding. I hope we can start spending some real married life soon. I’m hoping and praying it won’t be too long away. How have you been getting along? Is your back any better and feet? I’m trying to keep in shape. Hope I don’t catch no more rheumatics. Sure love you, honey, and miss you.

So long now.


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