Wednesday, June 6, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, Norway at last. Sure had a fine trip but was wishing to go west in place of north. I went by plane from Le Havre to here and really enjoyed it. Some of the guys got sick but, thank the Lord, I didn’t. Made one stop near Hamburg long enough to get a little more gas and that’s all. I got to go through Oslo on a train but I guess I’ll get to see it some more. Now I’m near Drammen. Such names as they do have here. I haven’t been to town yet but I’m in no hurry. I hear they don’t have much there anyway so it looks like I’m in for a dull time. I guess they have a little beer but no liquor. They are hurting for cigarettes tho. Looks like the old barter system goes into effect again — or should I say, yet.

The ride was nice and smooth till we came into a landing. Then it would get rougher than the devil. Then the guys would get sick. We were above the clouds when there were any and it was a beautiful sight. Can’t begin to describe how it looked. Kind of a cross between snow and fog.

I don’t think this will be such a bad deal. We have a pretty good barracks and wooden bunks. I’m in with our platoon sergeant and the other two section leaders. I don’t know yet what the score is but will let you know later.

I took a roll of pictures coming up here. It looks like I won’t be able to pick up any film here. The camera is on its last legs anyway. The film keeps sticking on the roller part. When it does that I have to take the camera apart and ruin one picture, maybe two. Sure makes me mad. I have four rolls left yet.

It looks like the rain has followed me. It started in now. I’m glad it stayed nice for the trip anyway. The weather is a little cool here but not uncomfortable. When the sun is out it’s warm. The dang sun don’t go down until ten o’clock and it stays light all night long. I know because I was up all night. It never got so dark but what you couldn’t read a newspaper. I guess when they have winter it’s the same way with the darkness. Then they don’t have any daylight. I hope I’m home before that.

I sure hope our mail comes tomorrow. I’m anxious to hear from you now. While I was at Rouen, France I saw the cathedral there. Bought some postcards of it. That was about all there was there to see. Only got in town once tho. What do you hear from Chick and Erv? Are they home yet? I hope so. I’m still sweating it out. Guess I’ll have to cut this out now. Sure do miss you honey. I’m so anxious to see you. Love you like everything.

So long now.


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