Thursday, June 7, 1945

Dearest Gee.

No mail again today, honey, but maybe I’ll get some tomorrow. I sure am anxious to get some too. Seems like it’s been months.

I went to town this afternoon. Man it sure was dead. They do have a little beer but that’s all. It’s a dark beer, and not bad as far as taste is concerned but has no alcohol in it. It was hard to find even a place that was open. Everybody closed up shop and went to Oslo to see the king come back. Lovely day for it too as it has been raining off and on all day. The sun came out this afternoon for awhile tho. Everybody seems shy or something except the kids. They all have notebooks and pencils and want you to sign your autograph for them. Makes you feel like a movie star but after so long it gets old. They have learned to ask for gum and chocolate already. In fact, to me, all this autographing smacks of a plot in order to ask for something. They don’t forget a cigarette for papa either. Guess you can get the equivalent of two bucks per pack. Not bad is it? What are they offering in the States? I don’t think I can afford to sell any tho. We just got a two weeks ration in I notice and I’m about four or five packs ahead. The kids will sure get the candy now. I just had to chase four little girls out of the barracks just now. How they got in here beats me. We have a show in town but it wasn’t going to start until seven so we didn’t wait. Also have one here on the post but I saw it in Cherbourg. “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn” is the name of it. You saw it, I remember you telling me. (This paper is too slick for this pen, I can’t control it)

I’ve been seeing this Bob Pettit quite a few times. Saw him in town today again. He was giving me the devil for writing home so much. He said his folks were riding him for not writing. Between me and you, I think he’s a screwball. I wouldn’t want to hang around him very long.

The way passes are running we can go to this town about every other day and to Oslo every fourth day. I don’t know just when I’ll go yet. I would like to get paid first so I’d have a little dough. Only got about four bucks worth of Kroners. One krone is worth twenty cents at our rate of exchange. I’ll send you this five kroner note, go buy yourself a hat. It’s a buck. Also a hundred mark note. It’s no good I don’t think. If it was it would be worth ten bucks. Add it to our collection. Better yet, buy a bond with it, huh, kid?

I still haven’t heard anything more about coming home but I kinda think our stay here is going to be shortened. I sure hope we head for home this time. They tell us that those who fought in Italy won’t go to the Pacific so maybe I’ll get a tour in the States. I wish that star would come through. It takes a long time or that tho. Well, honey, guess I’d better stop now. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


The return of King Haakon and his family, on June 7, 1945.

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