Friday, June 8, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I finally got some mail today. Got two swell letters from you and three packs of funnies. The letters were dated May 15 and 16th. Also got a v-mail from Mildred C. and one from Carrie. That should tide me over til tomorrow and then I”ll sweat it out all over again. Just a glutton. I sure hope you get a few of my letters, honey, I can’t understand the months lapse. You probably have a gob of them by now.

Your May 15th letter had a gob of pictures in it. You really look swell but I don’t like the hat. Maybe I’ve been out of circulation too long. I like the suit tho. What’s the reason for having two right hand pockets? Got suthin’ special to put in there? Joannie doesn’t look a bit good to me. Sure hope she is feeling okay. Tell her to quit worrying now. Chick should be coming home soon and even if he doesn’t he won’t be heading anywhere else.

Francy looks the same — kinda soured on the world — but who isn’t? Bernie is sure cute as a picture. She knocked me for a loop. Billy looks fine but that Harry looks like a bean pole. Does he really look like that or is it the way the picture was taken? Somebody better put a weight on his noggin and let him spread out a little.

So you took over the stairway job. Sho’ remember what that was. Remember when I took the thing all apart? Wrestled with it all one Saturday trying to get that rail back on single handed. The blue smoke kinda flew too.

Kid, I’m giving you one more chance to get that quilt finished. Either you work day and night on it and get it done or I’m gonna try to come home anyway. I wish I could! Can you hold out awhile longer, honey. Just remember always that I’m missing you just as badly. This is sure no picnic here. The people go around looking at you as if you were something out of a sideshow. Hardly any of our guys capish (capisce) the lingo. Lee does but I don’t see a whole lot of him. He’s such a funny guy that we don’t have much to do with each other. Sure is dull. But we have quite a bit of work to do now so that should ease things up a little. It’s better than laying around mooning over when you’ll get home. You sure won’t be getting any cables or telegrams from me. When I get there the first you’ll know about it is when I come in the door. I only wish I knew the day.

Gosh I let Mother’s Day go by and nothing said. I’m getting rum dum I guess. If it wasn’t for you the folks wouldn’t get anything.

I’d kinda like to know about the proposition Ozier has. Suppose it’s a good deal? How is the prices of houses now. From what I hear it’s higher that a cat’s back. Maybe we can afford a one-roomer, huh?

Better write someone else now. Sure do miss you and love you.

So long now.


P.S. Thanks for the film! Did it come from Joannie? Tell her thanks for me.

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