Friday, July 20, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got your nice long letters of July 9 and 10th today, and yesterday I got seven packages of funny papers you sent. Also the roll of precious film. Tusen takk! [“Thank you very much” in Norwegian] Seven pages is quite a letter.

Your letters both had clippings in them. One one the star golfer and the other about Yanks taking food to the Norsky’s homes. Bernard seems to be coming out in the limelight. Another Bobby Jones. Hope he cops the works.
I don’t know a damn thing about these “special packages” made up for us to take to the Norwegians unless they could consider a k-ration in that category. It is all done up in a crackerjack box but Lord knows it’s nothing special as we’ve been eating those since kingdom come. Maybe the Norwegians have been told that stuff.

You say Erv isn’t home yet? I just wrote him and Mae a letter the other day asking him how he liked civilian life. He sure must be going through some misery. I hope I don’t have to sweat out a deal like that. I think I’ve already told you that I have 86 points now. Sure sweat that out.

How’s come you get a ration card from the P.X. honey? You never told me the score on that. Why haven’t you done that before?

Four more days, kid! Sure don’t seem like it’s been that long, does it? Maybe we ought to get hitched all over again. Would you still have me?

You may have bigger hail stones that usn’s but you can’t beat us for rain. It rained again today. Boy, it just pours and then the sun comes out again. Now it looks like rain again.

I didn’t know wash clothes and towels were so hard to get or I wouldn’t have asked for them. I get plenty of shaving cream and soap.

I don’t know how Bob Petit fished in Copenhagen but maybe he did. They’d have to go clear around Denmark and then come back to Oslo, wouldn’t they? I know we didn’t stop there on the plane. Kid, as far as I know he’s just been a clerk in the headquarters. Everytime I talk to him he’s going to do something else. He told me he was putting in for officer candidate and now he’s trying to get into Task Force A headquarters. I give up trying to follow him up. He’s just windy, that’s all.

Well, honey, I speck this is all for tonight. Sure thank you for everything, kid. Sure will miss you like hell the 24th. Love you with all my heart.

So long now.


Gee’s ID card from the nearby base, issued the week before this letter, possibly for access to the PX rations mentioned in this letter.

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