Monday, July 23, 1945

Dearest Gee.

You sure have been good to me lately, honey. I got a swell box from you yesterday of candy bars and soup mix, and cheese-its, and today I got your second card for our anniversary. Sure was sweet and had a nice long letter in it. Also got a booklet from Mildred about plans for a house. It’s something to think about but I’d have to wait until I see you before deciding anything.

According to the date up there in the corner we got just one more day, huh! Gosh, kid, I sure wish I was with you for it. We’d sure romp. Maybe I should volunteer for the S. Pacific and get one of those 30-day jobs en route. I don’t think so.

It’s funny about your letter from Chick saying he’s on his way home. I got one from him today dated July 8 and he never said anything about being transferred or anything else except he wished he was home. Lord knows he sure ought to be, but he surely wouldn’t write you a letter like that and be kidding. That’s no kidding matter. Well, maybe we’ll all be together this year yet. I sure hope so, honey. Eight years ago we were both sweating out something else, weren’t we?

For our anniversary night, it looks like I’ll be spending it on a train going to Oslo. Pro and I are on a M.P. job tomorrow on the train. Our company is alert company this time and one of the jobs is to pull M.P. duty in town. We took the other job because we just have to ride the train up, check our pistols somewhere and the rest of the time is our own till 12:35, that’s the last train from Oslo. Then we ride it back. It makes us get in about two o’clock in the a.m. so that’s no fun. There is usually a bunch of drunks. I won’t be.

I sure got a kick out of you telling about getting your ration card and shopping all over. I’ll bet you didn’t miss a thing. Why don’t you take the money from the next check and get yourself the pearls and pin and consider that your anniversary and birthday present? Will you do that? Or is it something that costs $200? Evidently I get one more pack of cigarettes than you do because I get seven per week. I wish I could get a cigarette lighter. The one you have me those many years ago is finally ausgespielt [finished]. It sure has seen some hard service.

Glad you are getting the pictures okay. Some of them are really suthin.

Sure hope I see you soon. Happy anniversary, honey. Love you with all my heart.

So long.


Snook & Gee on their wedding day, July 24, 1937. Gee still had that dress when I was a little girl; it was pale blue with dark blue flowers.

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