Friday, August 3, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got two letters from you yesterday and one today. Sho like that. Yesterday’s letters were dated July 22 and 24 (anniversary day) and today’s was 26. Not bad time is it? I would have written last night but had a pass to Oslo. Really didn’t want to go but the guy signed me up before I could make up my mind. I got a late start and the train was an hour late, well a half hour anyway, so I didn’t get there until 9:30. Went to the Red Cross and had a couple sandwiches and coffee and then proceeded to catch the next train for home. While at the Red Cross, a Norwegian looey and his gal sat at my table. We had an interesting chat. I sure got a kick out of them getting sandwiches. He got two apiece on the first trip, then two more the 2nd trip, and then made another trip for one more. The gal didn’t eat hers so she gave it to him. Besides that he had three cups of coffee. I guess he was stocking up. She could talk pretty good English but he wasn’t so hot. She had been in Hamburg, Germany when the war started but finally got out after being bombed a few times. The earliest train I could get for home was at 11 so I got back in camp around one.

Sounds like we got quite a few nice things for the anniversary. If you want to start a glass outfit go ahead. You know its’ okay by me. I hope the hot weather don’t interfere too much with your letter-writing.

Looks like Chick and Erv ain’t never going to get home, don’t it? I guess it takes a lot of time. I couldn’t understand how Chick was still in Germany if he was supposed to be at a deployment camp. Have you figured that one out yet? Maybe their camps on the coast are too crowded or suthin.

Man oh man, that write-up about Pettit was really something. That sounded like the rantings of a crazy man. He doesn’t have half of that stuff. I really believe the guy is buggy. If he isn’t, his mother is.

Your hubby is now a Staff Sergeant, kid. They tell me I’m assigned as a car commander on an M-8. That is just technically right now. At present I’m still with the same platoon and doing the same work. I’ll let you know any later developments. I can’t figure out whether we lose money by the deal or gain it. I think we lose. It all came pretty much as a surprise to me. One night they told me I was in for it, and the next day they told me I was one. It cost me twenty bucks right off the bat for the 123 Club they have here. Ten bucks is for the upkeep of the place and the other is for liquor. The first three graders are the only ones who get liquor now. We get tickets and buy our drinks with the tickets. It is a very snazzy club, kid. We have our own barber shop and pressing and tailoring. The only trouble it takes too long to get a tailoring job done. My house sure could stand some tailoring. It’s too long and the sleeves are too long. I’ll have it done some day. I must find out about our allotment.

Sure hope that fortune teller don’t fool you about being happy. I want you happy all the time. That deal could mean any number of things tho. You could be happy over a lot of things.

I’m glad Claude and Mildred took you out for the anniversary. I kinda figured they would. Lord, I sure hope we are all settled down for the next one. Doesn’t seem that long does it, kid?

I got a nice long letter from Dad yesterday too. He doesn’t want me to work for Ozier as he thinks I can do better. I still haven’t made up my mind yet whether I will or won’t. It will depend on the proposition he has to offer. That deal at Chanute Field is no good as I know that it isn only temporary. They weren’t putting out any permanent appointments. That means that when the war is over so are the jobs there.

So Erwin Hanson is an MP now. I can’t imagine why he would want that. He may be sweating out going to the Pacific. If that is the case I don’t blame him for taking anything he can get to stay. I wouldn’t want that.

Well, honey, it’s almost chow time. I’ll have to cut this short. They had fish for dinner and I didn’t eat it so I’m a little hungry tonight. Hope they have something good. We haven’t been having such good eats. Our potatoes are all the dehydrated variety and that’s strictly no good. The meat has been few and far between.

I will close with my usual, I would like to have some candy bars if you have any.

I’m glad you liked the pictures of “Joe and Willy”. Sure were some classics.

Just finished eating pork chops honey so I sure feel better. Sure love you and miss you. Hope I see you real soon.

So long now,


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