Saturday, August 4, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Thought sure I had a letter and a half today but it turned out to be the anniversary cards you sent. They were all pretty swell weren’t they. And for some reason or other they all wanted me and you to be together for the next one. Little do they know that we really will be.

Prosise and I went to town last night. We went to the club and I picked up my tickets for drinks. I got (or rather had) a hundred tickets. Each one means a shot. I had a few quickies and got a haircut. Rizzi is still the same old barber — no good, so I’m letting the Norwegians take care of the mop now. They don’t do too bad. Looks like the two-bit jobs I use to get in that joint next to McQuires. Then we ambled down and watched the street dance. That’s a regular Friday night occurrence now. They have a pretty good crown. No, kid, I didn’t do any dancing! We went to the Red Cross and tried to get some sandwiches by the Norskys had got there first. We had a couple cups of coffee and then went back to the Club for the remainder of the evening. Thrilling time.

I get into the dangdest messes. Now I gotta take care of handling the P.W.s that come every morning. They generally bring about a company and a half or so. I divide them up and turn them over to the different companies for work details. There are a couple other guys supposed to do the job but they aren’t here right now. I’ll be glad when they get back.

Our company is alert company this weekend so I stay in Camp Saturday and Sunday. Not that it makes much difference to me.

Have you heard anything more from Chick? I notice Mae said she hadn’t heard from Erv lately. Lord I didn’t think it would take them that long to get home. I’ll be Erv is sure pissed off. That’s the Army tho. They don’t care when they let you go now that they are done with you.

Did I send home the negatives to those pictures I took in Germany? I can’t remember but it seems to me that one of the guys borrowed them. I’ve sent you all the negatives I have developed but still have five rolls to be developed yet. Think I’ll send them to you and you can have them developed and send me a print.

The Jerries aren’t going to get the chapel quite done by tomorrow, kid. What’ll I do?

Sure do love you, honey, and miss you like everything. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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