Tuesday, August 7, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got three letters from you today, kid, and two packages. They sure hit the spot. They were nice long ones and had good news in them for a change. Sure am glad Chick is on his way — or should I say — home now? I’m looking forward to a letter from him on how it feels to be a civilian. From what I hear it isn’t so hot. From what I hear all those with over 104 points are supposed to fly home and the rest come by boat. Guess you know in what class that puts me in, hey? I don’t see how some of these newcomers conglomerated so many battle stars either. I know how our friend Pettit did — with his mouth. Honey, don’t tell her all that I tell you about him. Maybe he wants to be a big shot in her eyes or suthin’. There was no jumps made in Italy by us or him either. He just ain’t no paratrooper. He has no clusters on his Presidential citation — if he is authorized a citation. One of the Ranger battalions wasn’t included in the citation. The 3rd was but it was either the 1st or 4 that wasn’t. I don’t know which. The boats don’t mean a thing. If he won his wings after Rome fell he must have had a course all by himself and I don’t think the government is interested that much. But for Christ’s sakes don’t tell her that stuff! If you don’t want to hear it, don’t talk to her. The Presidential citation doesn’t count for points. Because it’s a unit citation and not an individual citation. I made a trip to Personnel headquarters this morning to have a look at the service record. I found out that no change will have to be made. I was a mite worried that they might have to be changed and then get my service record all screwed up. Wouldn’t want that to happen when things are as they are. I’ll bet Erv cussed a blue streak when he found out he was left holding the sack. Must have been some other reason because anyone being with an outfit that long surely would have been allowed a few breaks.

Sure thank you for the cigarettes and the shaving cream (molle) I just had my last three packs stolen. But I got my rations today. A pack a day don’t do me tho. Sure would like to find the guy what cabbaged them.

Sounds like Claude + Mildred’s anniversary party was a huge success. There were a couple there you mentioned I never heard of before. Are they some new ones?

Boy, Chick should sure ought to like his new bedroom outfit. That doesn’t sound very good for Bernard and Rita too to go off on vacations. But that’s their business.

I didn’t get any pictures of Weimar [Buchenwald] prison camp. It rained nearly all the time we were near there anyway. But it was a mess too. I guess Dachau was worse if that’s possible. You should get a real look at one of those. How anyone could pull tricks like that is beyond me.

It’s been raining for the past three days here. Last night Prosise and I went to the show. After we got in we found out that they had on Charlie Chaplin in “The Goldrush”. Saw it anyway for the third time. Guess I’d better stop now, kid. Sure thank you. Love you with all my heart, and hope I see you soon.

So long now.


Poster for Chaplin’s “Gold Rush” film. Source: Wikipedia.
Shaving items from the era, including Molle mentioned by Snook. Credit: MIA Project.

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