Thursday, August 9, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, one more day and you’ll have another birthday. I won’t mention how young you are. Hope you have a swell day, honey, and I’ll be thinking special hard about you all day, if that’s possible. They have some fairly nice looking jewelry in town but it’s tabu to go in and buy it. Some of it looks like beaten silver but I don’t know whether it is or not. These Norsky men are so damned funny, I don’t feel up to asking them to go in and buy it for me. I haven’t got a single thing to show I’ve even been here, kid. No pitchers, no nothing. I’m glad you sent the clipping on the Froggener [Frogner] park. That was really something to see. That explains a little as to what the idea of the statues are anyway. The best ones are the statues of the little bab[ies]. He made several about the size of a three year old, and they are standing around in different places. Some of them are bawling and gawd knows what all.

Tonight is the night of the play. They had a show last night too and one for tomorrow. From what I hear the dang thing is no good. It’s supposed to be a joint Norwegian and American affair.

I’ve been going up to the club every night. I figure as long as they are getting twenty bucks out of me, I’d better get suthin’ out of them. I’m getting kinda tired of it already tho as there isn’t a thing to do but guzzle and even that gets old. I just can’t stay in camp all the time and the dang shows keep the same film on for two or three weeks. Wattle I do, kid, come home? Sure am getting nervous and restless. The guys are all initialing their revised score on points today. That’s what I did the other day. I hope that means something. My little 86 looks awfully small but I sure hope it gets me by.

I’ve been listening to the radio about Russia joining in on the war with Japan. Have been expecting it so it was no surprise. Those atom bombs must be really rough. I only hope they fall on the right people. I still don’t like to see innocent people killed but as far as they go who is to say who is innocent? A charge of explosive like that would wipe Champaign and Urbana off the map completely. They’ll have to give up soon.

I finally got some more envelopes so I’ll send that Spearhead again. It wouldn’t fit in the other kind.

Suppose Chick is home by now but I sure wish you a happy birthday and many more of them — with me.

Love you with all my heart. Hope I see you soon.

So long.


The front page of a local Champaign-Urbana paper, The Daily Illini, for the bombing of Hiroshima.
The Daily Illini, 8 August 1945, Page 1.
The Daily Illini, 8 August 1945, Page 2.

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