Friday, August 10, 1945


Sure hope we spend that next one different from this. Have been thinking about you all day and wondering how and what you were doing. Are you going out and celebrate tonight? Hope you have a good time, kid, only take it easy on account your pappy may be coming to see you one of these days. From the war news tonight, boy, it sure sounds plenty good. I guess they don’t like that atom bomb very well do they? Then Russia getting in didn’t help them any either. I sure would like to see you, honey, and that’s for sure. So near and yet so far. I’m spending the evening on C.Q. for a change. Haven’t been pulling it for some time. I really don’t have any special job. The first soldier told me last night that I was to be in charge of the S-2 G.I.s so take down your service flag. I would much rather have had the other job on the M. 8s I told you about but the other guy out ranked me a little on seniority. It’s just like I said, just more or less a job in name only. But I guess I shouldn’t kick, huh? How is Mr. Charles Bruns doing? Has he reenlisted yet? The end of the war is sure going to hurt a bunch of these officers that are so used to having everything handed to them on a silver platter. Some of them will have to go back to digging ditches.

We had a parade today for our old pal Gen. Fredrick. He paid us a visit. Put on our usual full dress parade for him out at our race track. He looks a hell of a lot older than he did before. Who don’t tho? Kid, are you getting gray too? It was hotter than hell today too. Were supposed to have pulled off the parade at four and it was four thirty before he got there. In the meantime of course you know what we were doing, don’t you? We got done finally at five o’clock. Had a good chow tonight for a change tho, and I was really hungry. We had roast beef and spaghetti, and ice cream (Norwegian variety) and cake.

I went to the show last night and saw the one the G.I.s are putting on. It is called “Get Hep”. It was just fair but can’t expect much from a bunch of amateurs. We really have a good band tho. They were the best part of the show. The band leader is a hell of a good piano player. He also has another guy that is plenty good so last night they played that concerto of Tonight We Love, on two big grand pianos. No kidding, it was so good I damn near cried. There isn’t anything that will make me more homesick than that piece. The rest of the show was skits of different kinds, some of them pretty raw. As far as the Norwegians were concerned it was a total flop as very few of them understood what was going on. I thought they should have added a little Norwegian talent in the show for their benefit. After the show I went over to the club and imbibed in a few swifties. I went to the show with our mess sergeant. Have to keep on the good side of that guy.

Didn’t get any letters today from no one, honey. I got two issues of the Reader’s Digest. Hope I hear from you tomorrow. Looks like this is it. Sure love you honey, miss you like hell.

So long.


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