Wednesday, August 15, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Gosh, honey, I sure have been neglecting you lately. But I think I had a good reason. Last Saturday I went into the P.X. bar to get a glass of beer and Lee and Close were there with a Merchant Marine officer. It was a guy from Lee’s hometown. Lee and Close had just met him and had already had a date to see some of Lee’s relatives here and had to leave. Lee wanted me to entertain him so I did the best I could. We went to the Club and knocked ourselves out. If you can call that entertainment. Anyway, he invited me out to his ship. It was a Liberty ship loaded with coal. We got out there about two o’clock (after the club closed) and had coffee and rolls. He insisted I stay overnight and with all that food laying around I told him okay. Since the next day was Sunday it didn’t make much difference about staying overnight. I had a swell bed in an officer’s quarters. Innerspring mattress and even sheets! I didn’t get to sleep long but I slept fast. Got up to a breakfast of ham and eggs. I ate two orders of eggs. Came back to camp and took care of lining out the Jerries with work and at noon I went back again. We went swimming and then came back to the ship to a supper of steak and French fries! You can see why I kept going back now, don’t you? We went up to the club again. The guys had taken in quite a few of the ships crew so we had a pretty good time just batting the breeze and inhaling highballs. Monday night was the same thing — only we had hamburger steak for supper, last night we had hot roast beef sandwiches. Man I sure ate. Like all good things it had to end. He left today. Now I’ll have to start fasting again. We have a standing invitation to come to Minnesota when I get home to fish and hunt.

Well, honey bun, it looks like both wars are finally over. I sure am thankful, although I imagine now that everything will be so messed up that it will take longer to get us home in place of shorter. I also heard that this king had asked Washington to keep us here a year! That would mean waiting on the 85 pointers to go. Lord, I sure hope that’s wrong.

Got your Aug 3 letter yesterday and two swell packages, honey. Sure thank you. I got the hair tonic okay and the other box had cheese and soup, crackers, and stuff in stuff in it.

Guess I shut off the cigarettes too quick. They are changing the P.X. and we haven’t had our ration of cigarettes for four days. Everyone is out including yours truly. If you have a spare pack of butts I’d appreciate them.

Will write a long letter tomorrow, honey. Sure love you and miss you, kid. Hope to hell I see you soon.

So long now.


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