Thursday, August 16, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Might as well start writing while I’m sweating out a mail call. Should know in a few minutes whether I have any or not. When I do get some it generally is late mail. I think your letters are coming over airmail and mine are going by boat since it takes so long for you to get my letters.

I’m beginning to miss my merchant marine buddy already. Today the food was pretty lousy. Had fish again. We get fish about three times a week now. I guess they are trying to make Norwegians out of us.

This is a rough old day. This morning the fog was so thick you couldn’t see ten feet and then later on it started to rain. The fog is till hanging in the mountains but everything is overcast and looks like it will probably last at least the rest of the day.

Well, honey, I’m sure having a time trying to celebrate V.J. Day. The news always gets around so late that we’re afraid we will miss it so we celebrate every night. Yesterday and today were supposed to be holidays but I had those damn Jerries to look after yesterday. Turned them over to another guy this morning. Sure glad to be rid of them.

When General Frederick was here he made a speech at the club and told us that as soon as he got back to the States he was going to try and get us the Presidential citation. He said we were put in for it in Italy but it never left old Mark-time Clark’s desk. This morning we had a memorial formation in our battalion area. Both chaplains gave a little talk.

Just had mail call and I got these nice long letters from you, a longie from Sis, and one from Coe. Yours were dated Aug. 5, 6, & 7 so that’s making pretty good time. I sure was surprised that Chick isn’t home yet. Maybe they are bringing him home by the way of the S. Pacific. So Jack and Hilah moved back to Champaign! That should be a little better for you. You can quack with her now for hours at a time. Did Jack get laid off or did he quit?
Hope Joannie gets to feeling better. I think she’ll perk up a lot when her Chickie gets home, don’t you? She has probably worried herself half to death.

Sure hope this ending gets us home quicker. I’m highly fed up with everything in general. A year ago today we were having a high old time on the Isle of Le Vant. I’m glad that’s all finished. When I get home I think I’ll start digging a nice deep hole to get ready for the next one. Those atom bombs have changed everything.

Well, honey, I think I’ll take a dash uptown and see if my blouse is done yet. Sure am lonesome for you, kid. Love you with all my heart. Sure hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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