Friday, September 7, 1945

Dearest Gee.

First off I want to thank ye kindly for the six packs of butts I got yesterday from you and also the letter of August 24. Also got four packs from Mom so if I still figure right that makes a carton. While I wasn’t exactly hunting for smokes it’s always nice to have a supply on hand. The way they handle PX rations around here you never know when you’ll get your ration.

I was on MP duty last night, kid, and watta time. Since most of the companies are scattered out and around we have to take our hitch at this MP job. As far as my job was concerned, I drove a jeep all night from six till two in the a.m. I had a jeep driver and a skeewegian NP with me but the jeep driver didn’t care so much for driving and you know me, I’d rather drive than just sit. Didn’t have much to do so we just drove all over the dang town. Got into places I didn’t know there were such things. I’ll have to say one thing about these people, they sure build some nice looking houses. You just don’t see any ramshackle affairs. Most of them look like they tried to find a nice steep hillside to put their house on. Why I can’t imagine. We got a call to go down the river and pick up some gal that was trying to jump in the river. When we got there she was trying for the third time but a guard was keeping her from it. She was bawling like hell and having a devil of a time. Seems as tho she thinks she’s “pragrent” from an Americansk soldater and didn’t know what to do about it. We took her back to the station and they wanted to turn her over to the Norsky police but she sobered up right quick when we mentioned them. We wanted to take her home but she wouldn’t tell us where she lived. Finally we drove down toward their police station and she got scared and told us. It was about five miles out of Drammen but we got her home. She were smiling when we left her so I guess she was alright. She’d have quite a bit to walk to get to the river again at any rate. She couldn’t have been more than seventeen years old but we found out that it wasn’t the first time that had happened with her but she just can’t leave the GIs alone, I guess.

Well, honey, it looks like maybe now I’ll see you sometime in October. The latest off the first hole has it that we leave the 28th of this month. With all these rumors it’s no wonder a guy is a nervous wreck. In case you don’t hear from me some time for about a month and half or two, you’ll know I’m on a pickle boat on my way home. The nights here are getting coldern hell, how it is at home? I’m sure glad I don’t have to spend another winter in the army.

I’ve been trying to sleep all morning but still have to mess with the Jerries. They just got here awhile ago so now I think I’ll try to knock off forty more winks.

Never have located any paper for my packages, kid. Got to be doing that, don’t I?

So you bought that concerto I like, huh? Well, I can’t help it I still like it. I can’t imagine Chick falling in love with opera. Everybody to their own taste tho. There is some light opera songs I kinda like but not the heavy stuff.

How’s the egg situation at home? We had eggs this morn for breakfast but they just give out two per and that’s just an aggravation.

Well, honey, I sure hope I see you soon. Sure do love you and miss you.

So long now.


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