Sunday, September 9, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I sure haven’t got a hell of a lot to write about. I did finally get a letter from your today dated Aug 28 and a nice card from Carrie + Rudy with a buck in it. I’ll save it towards a rainy day as I can’t spend it, only on the black market.

So you’re entertaining some of Chick’s friends, hey? I’m glad they are keeping you busy as your time, at least, will pass faster that way. I just keep going down to the club and knocking myself out to pass my time. Don’t take me serious!

Saw three shows in camp here the other night! All of them were pretty good except one. The first was “Up in Arms” with Danny Kaye, the second was “It Happened Tomorrow” and the third was “Step Lively” with Frankie Boy or better know to us as the “Little Stinker”. It was my first time seeing him on the screen — and I hope the last. He has a fairly good voice but I just couldn’t make myself swoon. You should have heard the fella.

Honey, I don’t understand why you’re not getting my letters. I been writing at least every other day and sometimes every day. I sent six rolls of undeveloped film home the other day. I hope they turn out good but since the camera went on the fritz I don’t know how they will be.

Haven’t heard anymore about coming home except for the rumor I told you about the other day. Gosh, kid, this is a long old month. I’ll wind up with the DTs if I don’t see you pretty soon.

I think I’ll write Carrie + Rudy a few lines of thanks now and then take an afternoon siesta. Sure do love you, honey, and sure do hope I see you soon.

So long now.


Poster for “Up In Arms” starring Danny Kaye. Source: imdb
Poster for “It Happened Tomorrow”. Source: imdb
Poster for “Step Lively” with Frank Sinatra. Source: imdb

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