Tuesday, September 11, 1945

Dearest Gee.

I don’t feel a day over thirty-two kid. Gawd that sounds old. Let’s quit talking about it. Yesterday I got a nice card and letters from Mom along with four packs of cigarettes, also got a nice card from Coe yesterday. Today I got a card from Jack DeAtley and your long letter of Aug. 30. Guess you were knocking yourself out in Chicago about that time. Glad you’re having a good time and can kinda unlax a little. Keeping late hours too, I notice, and playing poker. Can’t complain tho since you won 88 cents. Come to think of it, you never would go with me on those rolley coasters. What’s this John got what I ain’t? I don’t know whether you look 34 or not kid. You never did before. Sure bet you were burned up at that gal for suggesting such a thing tho weren’t you.

Tony Kissevee and I went to the show in town last night. I saw a show that I’d seen so many years ago that I couldn’t remember any of it. The name of it was “Great Man’s Lady” with Joel McRea and Barbara Stanwyck. It was another one of those tear jerkers and for Lord’s sake even some of the Norsky men were bawling. From there we went to the PX and had a couple bottles of beer. The club closes on Mondays so we had to go there. They were supposed to have some good beer there that contains about four percent but they must have run out because they still had the same brew.

Guess I’ll have to go to the club tonight and snort a few. In fact I spect I’ll snort quite a few. I only have eight tickets left bit I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting drinks. I have had two shots today but they were spaced too far apart to do any harm. Remember two years ago, honey, when Kelly wanted to come up and have a quick drink with us? Well, honey, I want to dash Mom off a few lines yet so had better stop now. I sure love you with all my heart, kid, and miss you like everything. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


Poster for “Great Man’s Lady”. Source: imdb.

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