Thursday, September 13, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Thanks, honey, for that fancy birthday card. I got it today with the nice long letter inside. Didn’t get any mail yesterday so I didn’t do any writing. I wasn’t in much of a mood to do any writing anyway after that shindig at the club. One of the guys here in the room with me had a bottle of Eau di Vin and he kept insisting all that afternoon that we drink to my birthday. After he twisted my arm several times I finally had to so we killed that off. We continued that night at the club. Several guys would come up and sing happy birthday so you can imagine the rest. Had a little hangover yesterday but I’m alright now and glad that birthday come but once a year. Yesterday a couple fellows from our company left to go home so we had a party for them in the mess hall. Had a chicken supper with the works. Even beer. It was more of a supper than a party so I made full use of it. Was pretty hungry too. The food has been getting a little better. We get an allotment of Danish eggs once a week and boy do they taste good.

Had our money changed the other day. We got a remodeled version now. Everything from five kroner on up. It still don’t look like Americansk money.

What did you mean about John? Did he just take off and leave his wife or what? I thought you liked him so much.

It’s a good think you and the folks sent those cigarettes or I sure would be hurting. We haven’t received rations for two weeks and are supposed to get them every week. They just ain’t no way of stretching 7 packs for fourteen days. Now we are supposed to get them tomorrow. I have one pack left. My”buddies” have been helping me smoke them too.

Well, honey, I’m still sweating it out day by day. I sure am hoping we leave soon. Sure love you, honey, and miss you like everything.

So long now.


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