Saturday, September 15, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your swell long letter of Sept. 4 yesterday and one from Mae + Erv of Sept 5. Hers was a v-mail but I was glad to get it. She said he had no idea of what he wanted to do yet but was anxious to do something. I know what I want to do but the question with me is, can I do it? I’ve got to have a job where I can either earn enough to last us through the winter months or else work steady all year, one of the two. The way it shapes up now I should be on the boat on or before Oct 15 for sure. From there on you’ll just have to wait until I get home. Anyway I don’t want no convention at the train. I’d rather go around and see them afterwards or if they want they can come see me. This month is going pretty fast, in fact I’m surprised.

We finally got our P.X. ration today. Got a two weeks’ supply. I don’t know whether it’s for a week ahead or the week they owe us but if that happens anymore there is liable to be a revolution. I guess even our Colonel heard about this deal. Enough bitches were put in anyway.

A bunch of us guys got restricted last night so we couldn’t go to town. I didn’t want to go anyway so he didn’t hurt me any. We haven’t been having any reveille formation so yesterday morning the top got on his high horse about something and decided we should have reveille. He gave us two minutes to get out in but we just had on our shoes in that time. So this morning we had reveille at 0630 in place of 0700. He can be the damndest crank when he wants to be. And here lately he wants to be. But we had a double feature in camp last night so I went to it. I saw Wallace Beery in “Barbary Coast Gent” and the other was Jack Oakie and Donald O’Connor in “The Merry Monahans”. They were both pretty good. I got out about ten thirty so had no trouble making reveille this morning.

You sure are having a busy time with Chick and Rita. Don’t tire yourself completely out because you know why. Glad you got the wad of letters finally. I’ve been wondering where the hell they could be. As for the money you’ve spent, you know as well as I do how I feel about that. I fully expected you to use it.

Chick has some pretty good offers there. He should make up his mind before someone else snaps them up. A good job will be at a premium for awhile till things get back to normal. As for us building a house, we’ll have to wait and see how things are around there. I know things are higher than a cat’s back but there will be a drop later, the question is can we wait. I don’t see how we can.

Sure would like to get in on the midget auto races again. Suppose they’ll have the Indianapolis races next year? We can’t miss that can we? Yes, I remember Tony Bettenhausen. He was a stocky built fellow, wasn’t he?
We are supposed to have steak today for dinner, kid. The second time since we’ve been here. Boy, I’m sure hungry too. I’m sweating out the eats the last of this month. We’ll probably wind up with a nice dose of C rations.
The guys are starting to play football around here. We have teams with uniforms and everything. The Norskys don’t understand it but they sure go for it in a big way.

Well, honey, gotta leave you now. Sure love you honey and can’t wait till I see you again.

So long now.


Barbary Coast Gent poster. Source: Wikipedia
The Merry Monahans poster. Source: Wikipedia

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