Sunday, September 16, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Hit the jackpot today on the mail. Got three from you, but one was the Core Driller magazine. That sure has some good jobs in it. The guys all got a kick out of it. Then I got a letter from Mom and a six page typewritten job from Mildred. I hadn’t heard from her for a long time.

For Lords Sakes how many trips have you made to Chicago? It seems like every time I get a letter from you that you are just getting ready to go or just getting back. You’ll be about ready to collase again.

So Bud Nelson is on his way home! Some people sure have the luck. It looks like I’ll be the last one of the entire army. If I’d stayed in Germany I’d probably have been home by now. Leave it to meatball Barber to get an outfit like this.

Well, if Chick gets flight pay for flying home then I should get flight pay for coming here. Guess I’ll have to speak to somebody. That sure takes the cake, don’t it?

Just sneaked over to another kitchen and hooked a hamburger. Our mess is going to have meatloaf for supper but this kitchen was making burgers. Tasted mighty fitten’. Now I probably won’t eat any dinner.

They just sent a guy around asking if anyone wanted to volunteer for occupational duty. Can you imagine that? He’ll probably find the odd one or two. We kicked him out of here tho.

Well, honey, there just isn’t a damn thing to write about. I haven’t heard anymore as to when we leave. Lord knows I try to find out everything I can. Sure am biting my nails, kid. Keep the home fires burning. Who knows maybe I’ll be home by Thanksgiving. Sure hope so. Love you like everything, honey. Sure do miss you.

So long now.


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