Wednesday, September 19, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your nice long letter of Sept. 10 today, kid. Onliest one I got too. Sure hope you’re settled down now for awhile. Guess life has been kinda hectic for you these past couple of weeks.

What decorations is Bob getting points on, did he say? I saw him a couple of days ago and he started that usual line of crap of his so I took off. Sure can’t stand that guy.

How’s come you’re playing so much poker lately. Is that a new fad starting er suthin’? Long as you win that’s alright but when you lose I’ll bawl you out. That’s what you’d do to me.

Don’t know what to do with myself anymore. Think maybe I’ll go to the show tonight in town. They have on “Came the Dawn” er sumpin’ like that. It’s about a dawn anyway.

The guys are all signing their service rating cards again. Rather initialing the changes. Mine wasn’t changed any so I guess it was only those that didn’t have the 85 the first time. I’m watching those things like a hawk. Sho don’t want to miss out on anything there.

Funny about those two negatives. I didn’t know they had taken any out of my letters. I always figured they destroyed them when they did. I don’t know from your description what they are about. I took quite a few pictures at that time.

Had an awful good dinner today and I was sho hungry. Hamburgles and mashed potatoes, corn, onions, pudding, coffee. I sho ate myself silly. Me and Prosise generally put ourselves on KP to serve chow then we get anything we want to eat. When you eat two GI hamburgers as well as the rest of that stuff you’ve accomplished something.

Well, honey, I still don’t know any set date but I’m sure getting nervouser and nervouser. Can’t hardly wait till I see you now. Sure do love you and miss you, honey.

So long now.


Hold Back the Dawn movie poster. Source: imdb.

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