Friday, September 21, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your nice letter of the 10th, honey, and one from Mom of the 11th. Also got four packs of cigarettes from Sis that come in handy. Your letter was the second one you wrote that day. Are you trying to set a record? I’m glad you go over to see the folks because they sure go for you. In their letter she kept telling me about you having been over the day before and what a different girl you were from Mae. I don’t think Mae and Erv mean to hurt Mom but they just don’t understand. I suppose Erv figures now he’s home that should be the end of it. I know they wanted Erv to stay in Champaign but I’m afraid he or Mae either one would never do that. Erv never did like Champaign.

I went to the show with Prosise the other night in town and saw a pretty good picture. You probably have seen it too. It’s called “Hold Back the Dawn” with Boyer and De Haviland. I kinda liked it. After that we went to the Red Cross and ate sandwiches and drank coffee, then to the club and had a couple snorts and then home. I was on door guard last night at the club bit it was pretty quiet. Only one fight. It has rained nearly all week. It started in again this morning but the sun pops out every once in awhile.

I’m supposed to go to Sweden next Tuesday with Prosise for five days. It will amount to three days there, the rest will be the train ride. Two men can go from the company every week now. Our 1st Sergeant and a cook are leaving Sunday, I think, and we managed to get on the next list. I figure it’s a good break and a chance to see some more kentry. Might as well see it all. The trip cost 20 bucks for expenses. I think that includes meals, and a bunk in a hotel. Probably won’t have a chance to write then but I’ll sure let you know all about it later. They say they have conducted tours a guy can go on too. Also a bunch of regulations to take with you that is a mile long. Everybody seems to be bending over backwards trying to be nice to these different countries. I don’t see why. If they don’t like the way we do, they hell with them. All they want is what they can get from us anyway. Some of these Norskys actually got half mad because we won’t give them cigarettes. Had one guy tell me last night the Germans were nicer because they gave them cigarettes and they had plenty of them. I sho sent him on his way. The best Jerry cigarette made isn’t equal to our poorest grade and I think Chick will back me up on that statement.

I heard over the radio that nearly all restrictions are off of the G.I.s now concerning fraternizing with the Jerries. It’s mighty disgusting in a lot of ways, but I guess it just can’t be helped. I also notice that now the horse is stolen, they are coming out with some of the crap the officers pulled on their men. Such stuff as those guys cutting grass with bayonets. That’s mild compared to some of the stuff they pull and get away with.

They are finally doing something towards us leaving. Equipment is being turned over to the Norskys. This morning we turned in our nice comforters. Still have a sleeping bag afoot I think. Also had an ordnance inspection of all small arms. All we lack now I guess is another short arm and we’ll be done.

Got fish for dinner, dammit. Guess I’ll have to starve till supper comes around.

I bought some pictures of the club the other night. Think it’s five or six. Now I have to figure out a way to get them home. No, I’m not in any of them. They are pretty good size pictures so I’ll have to find a big envelope to send them in.

Well, honey, gotta go now. Sure love you, honey, and hope I see you very soon.

So long now.


Hold Back The Dawn movie poster. Source: imdb.

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