Saturday, October 9, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Just finished eating — terrible on account it was fish again — and no butter. Guess we used all our points up.

Thought I’d better write this noon as I want to go to town tonight. Think I’ll take in some shows over the week-end. This will be the first week-end that I can sleep late as I want to on Sunday — so far. Suppose you and Mae and all the gang will be having quite a time. Has she heard anymore from Erv. I keep expecting a letter from him alla time. Didn’t get any mail this morning — maybe I bragged too much.

Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary this morning. Had our calisthenics and drill and loafed the rest of the morning. This afternoon we have another dress review. After that some of the guys get shots, don’t think I do unless they change their minds. They can easily do that. We have a rifle inspection this morning too.

Kelly stayed and stayed last night till dang near eleven o’clock. The hound. I got so sleepy that finally had to tell him to go on home. He was in one of his talkative moods.

Tis a nice day today. Almost warm for a change. Wished you were here we’d go for a walk—for awhile anyway. Guess I’d better inhale all this I can, huh?

My face is much better —infant, it’s most cleared up. Gotta shave again pretty soon and get dolled up. Not got no braid nor patch on now, kid. Look kinda bare.

Wrote Val a letter the other day. Wrote four last night again. Wrote four the night before too. Getting back in the groove again. I still owe a hell of a lot of them.

Just haven’t got anything to write about today kid. Maybe tomorrow I can tell you about what happened over the week-end. Wish I knew when we were leaving but I don’t.

Guess this will be all for now. I sure love you and miss you like everything.

So long now,


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