Monday, October 11, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Got your Wed, Thursday, and Saturday letters today, kid. Also got one from Sis. What are you trying to do, ride the sick book to? Being sick to your stomach don’t sound like nerves to me. Why don’t you have the doctor anyway when you’re sick? Do you have to ask your mother whether you can have him or not? You be finding out what’s the matter and let me know.

Guess I’ll start in by telling you from Saturday on as I didn’t get to write any Sunday letter after all. Saturday night I went to town with Kelly. Close + Lee went somewhere on a date. Kelly and I ate at the Arcadia. Had pork cutlets breaded, pie with ice cream and coffee. Then we went to a show. I wanted to see “Swing Shift Maizie” but he’d already seen it so we went to a cowboy job, “Robin Hood of the Range” or some damn thing. Was it ever lousy! It rained all evening so we had to stay in the show. After the show we went down to the Vermont Tap Room and had a couple. The places are all packed every week-end. We were back in camp by eleven. I had a week-end pas too. We all slept till about ten o’clock but didn’t get up until 11:30. Sure did get a rest. Got up and had dinner and then Close wanted to go for a walk. We took the bus to Burlington and then started out south. We walked way out to South Burlington and on out in the country. Turned down one ride (the only one). Finally saw a sign what said something about a Park. Queen City Park. So we walked out there. It was along the lake so we walked on down to the lake and then walked along the lake for about a mile. Gawd, I got hungry. The old sun started going down so we started coming back. It really was kinda chilly. Boy, it was really pretty out there. The leaves are all turning and the mountains are really worth the walk out to see them.

We got back to S. Burlington and finally found one place to eat. We got inside and saw an empty booth and walked over and sit down. No sooner did than the waitress came over and told us it was reserved so we left. Finally gave up and took a bus back to town. Went down and ate spaghetti and Bernadine’s and then went to the show. Saw James Cagney in “Johnny Come Lately”. Didn’t care so awful much for it. After the show we had a hamburger and then it was so dang cold we took a cab for home.

This morning we froze to death having calisthenics, drilled and had a gas mask drill. I had to go around and check gas masks to see if they were all right. Also am patrol leader on a combat patrol now. Of course, that won’t be until the next place. You know, I told you I thought there would be some change in our company. There sure has been. This is really turning into another regiment. Must be planning on seeing plenty of action.

Well, kid, you take care of yourself and I’ll see you later. Be sure and let me know how you get along. Got a cold now myself so if you get in bed, move over. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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