Tuesday, October 12, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Well, how do you feel today? Sure wish you’d quit having those bad old spells. Anytime you get sick you call the doctor.

I got your nice donation yesterday, thank you. We’re all broke but happy. Nearly everyone has allotments or sent their money home because they thought they were leaving right away so I’ve got plenty company. About all I use it for anyway is getting suthin’ to eat, going to a show, and a couple snorts or so. Think I’ll go over to the post restaurant tonight and eat. We’ve got stew on the bill a fare and they have been stewing us to death lately. I like beef stew but these G.I.’s can sure mutilate it.

We had a salvage today so I got a pair of boots, a belt (still too small), a pair of socks, and a barracks bag. Also got a new canteen cover as mine was torn. Pretty well fixed up now.

Got two bucks from Mom the other day too. Believe that was turned loose of Sunday. Caught myself a doozy of a cold with all the running around Sunday. She’s a runnin’ a mill stream now. Took two snorts and two anacin tablets last night. Don’t know who won.

The series came and went as far as we were concerned. About all I know is that New York won. Let me know when the war is over, will you.
Funny thing after us having been across and pitched all our tents up there, they get us back here and today show us how to put them up! That’s backwards, isn’t it? Even took us to a movie of how to erect tents.

Most of our time now is spent getting stuff in order. I saddle soaped the hell out of these boots. Hope they don’t hurt.

Haven’t got any mail today yet. Maybe I’ll get some tonight. Did you get those pictures back yet that I sent? Too bad those didn’t turn out good of us up in Chicago. Suppose it was poor film because everything else was alright.

Sure wish they’d make up their minds as to what they’re going to do with us. This waiting around gets monotonous. Do you still want all the letters? I have a whole flock now saved up. Have some Amchitka birthday cards from the bridge players. Does Mildred want that copy of your trip? Got a bit kick out of Mildred asking the singer if he could sing.

Think I’ll go over and tell the cook to have a pork loin roast for supper with mashed potatoes, macaroni + cheese, green beans, and apple pie. On second thought he’d just tell me that was what we were having —and dish out the stew.

Haven’t heard a word from Erv yet. Suppose I oughta write some ‘gin? I wrote two, I think.

Close and Lee have both been hitting the sick book too. They have athlete’s foot. Not bad tho. Hoffman had a cyst taken off his neck. The carpenter gang is pretty well battered up at present.

It’s still cold out. How’s the weather at home? I’m wandering around with a sweatshirt and arctic jacket on and still cold.

Haven’t got much to write about so guess I’ll have to make this do. Be good girl, take care of yourself and I love you very much, miss you like everything too dammit,

So long now.


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