Wednesday, October 13, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Got the “combination” letter today, kid. Got quite a kick out of it. Even that Leanne wrote. I don’t know her of course but gee, kid, ain’t you jealous?

Boy, this morning we really had a work-out. Had rifle calisthenics and that never is fun. Then we drilled and drilled till we were all about ready to drop. When we came back the boys had to go out on a little hike but I didn’t gotta go. This afternoon I found a job for myself right quick too. The first soldier wanted me to take a detail to stencil some more barracks bags but I told him I already had a job. He got somebody else so I hurried and got done and come in here to write you. My job was just making up a roster for formations. I typed up a few extra so I’ll enclose one. Every morning and every formation I’ve had to call roll and it sure is a nuisance. This way the squad leaders can report and do away with all that.

Last night Lee, Close and I went over to the post restaurant and ate. I had bacon + eggs, pie + coffee. 60¢. Not bad. Then we went to the show over there. First time I’d ever gone to the show ever there. They have a real nice theatre. Leather upholstered seats ’n everything. They had a double feature. Neither one was very good. One was a lodge picture called “Good Fellows” and the other’n was “Submarine Alert” all about a spy gang per usual. I wrote Erv again last night.

Kid, I’m just out of everything, for Christmas or now, I’d like to have some razor blades (2 edge) and some airmail stamps. I have a hell of a time getting airmail stamps. This last batch of envelopes and stamps combined I got at Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, California. Or better known as the sixteen dollar telephone place. Sure was worth it too. Fact I’d do it over again.

How’s the tummy getting along? My face is gradually clearing up. Sure got a powerful cold tho.

Ho Hum — another clothing check tomorrow. Also a list of stuff of what we take with us and in what bag it goes, etc. Would sure like to know when we’re gonna take off. Not even a good rumor out, kid. Don’t know what to tell you about the package. Just do what you want to. It would be more fun getting them overseas but packages are always the last things we get in the mail line. Any big packages I couldn’t carry with me, of course, because our barracks bags are always chock full of stuff. More so this time too.

Guess this is about all I got to say today. Be good and I sure love you and miss you.

So long now


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