Thursday, October 14, 1943

Dearest Gee.

No letter from you yet today. Maybe I’ll get one tonight. Haven’t got much to write about so I’ll just have to ramble.

It was windy than hell this morning and has been all day. This morning we had one calisthenics and a little oration and drill on guard duty. Had a lot of fun at that. It’s a good thing I brought back that snood and muffler as they were on the list. The latest rumor has the big day as Sunday now but hell that’s just another rumor so I wouldn’t pay too much attention. We filled out our APO cards today too so I suppose you’ll be getting one of those again in the near future. No address on it, of course.

Have you have done anything about that declaration thing? That really oughta be looked after as it might run into some important dough. Mildred said she’d help you, didn’t she?

My cold is still going like the devil. How’s your tummy. If this GI grub keeps up I’ll be in the same boat. We had a army idea of chop suey this noon. It was too much for me. Of all the stew and conglomeration that we’ve been having lately it’s enough to put anybody’s gut on the hummer. Sure could go for a steak now.

Would like to see a show tonight but I won’t walk clear over to the old post to see one. We have a theatre just a couple barracks from here but they haven’t had a show for the last two nights for some reason or other. Takes too much dough to go to town.

Was supposed to have a review again today but they changed their minds. Glad of that. Instead I had the platoon out giving them close order drill and then we went over in the woods and laid down and talked for an hour. Come back and now they’re supposed to be cleaning up the barracks but they aren’t. Most of them are sleeping.

Well, kid, guess this will be all for now. Sure love you and miss you. Be good.


Snook mentions filling out APO cards in this letter and indeed this change of address card was sent just two days later.

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