Thursday, October 14, 1943 (second letter)

Dearest Gee.

Just got that delovely letter at five o’clock. I had two bucks that I was hanging on to for dear life so I really wasn’t dead broke. I had visions for awhile of going to New York with Close. Thought maybe the Captain would give us a pass from Friday night till Monday morning. It’s eight hours by train from here. But … that’s pretty well shot to hell. Guess we’ll just have to reserve that for me + you, huh. I’m pretty well disgusted by now of trying to sight-see by foot. It’s too long a process and you can’t near see all you want to in the limited time you get. Can’t say I care very much.

What do yuh think? Close made sergeant! Least wise I think he did. The company clerk came after him tonight to go over and see the Captain and that’s what the clerk said it was about. He’s gone to town now so I didn’t get a chance to ask him what it was whether a T/4 or a buck sergeant. I’m glad for him but I don’t think anybody else is. So damn much jealousy. Suppose they all figure they should have it. Lee made T/5 some time ago — at Amchitka in fact and I really believe he’d disappointed to think he didn’t make sergeant. I know Hoffman is. He sure is a troublemaker. Maybe they busted me and gave it to Close, suppose kid? No 35 coming in every month. Guess we are pretty fortunate at that. If these were normal times you could almost quit work and live off that 85, couldn’t you? But it ain’t normal times, be it?
Yes, you sure fixed me up on the razor blades. I haven’t thrown them away yet because I found that I can only buy one package at a time so I’m buying them for emergencies.

I still don’t like the ring-taking-off deal tho even if Erv never said anything about it. Sometimes a guy can read between the lines and get to wondering and boy when you get to wondering that’s when the hell starts. Kid, there is just so much of it going on that it’s bound to make a guy worry. Willy just told me today he met a swell girl in town and they got to drinking and having fun when another gal came in and joined them. Anyway the other gal let it out of the bag that this girl was married to a G.I. here at camp. She isn’t the only one by any means. I suppose you wonder the same thing about me but I just can’t forget I’m married to the bestest. I really don’t have anything to do with them — it may be kinda hard to understand but I just don’t have a good time drinking with the boys. I don’t care enough about dancing to go to these U.S.O. affairs. The only one I’ve been in here, I went in to take a leak. Maybe I’m an old fogey. All I want is for this damn war to get over so we can all come home again. As I said before, I can’t put it in words what I mean except just be good.

Why don’t you have Pappy come over and fix the sink back. I think you’ll find the leak is right at the drain plug in the sink, maybe. Could be clogged up and backing up. The other time tho the boards at the back where the pipes came thru were all busted and it leaked thru there. So is it that way now?

So they took up a collection to buy me a Christmas present. Sure wish they wouldn’t do that. I remember last Christmas quite well and it was just another day. These holidays! Here it is October and we’re talking about Christmas. Guy sure has to think a long way in advance, don’t he.

Sounds like you + Mel should have a swell time. Sure hope so. You didn’t say where she was going but I guess it’s back to her hubby. I forget things anymore. Don’t even remember where he was sent. All I can remember is that “St. Chick” is in Chicago. Pretty soft. Suppose he’s griping now because he isn’t a Captain.

Well, kid, guess this is about all the news for now. Anytime you don’t hear from me fore two or three days you’ll know we’re gone. Always remember I love you and sure miss you. Thanks a million for the tenner kid. Be good and

So long now.


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