Friday, October 15, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Received your Tuesday letter this noon so will try answering it now. Got a few minutes before I have to turn in some clothes. I have to turn in my service shoes finally. Have been lugging them around for lo these many months and they are just now getting around to having them turned in. That will be a little load off anyway.

Got a letter from Val today too. She wrote me a bunch of jokes that I got a big bang out of. We never get to hear a joke anymore. I don’t know why they just don’t seem to put them out.

Sure hasn’t been hot here. It rained all morning. Thought it was going to snow for awhile.

You know I told you I thought there were going to be some changes made? Well, there sure is. It isn’t all official yet and I don’t dare say too much about it but things have sure took a change. I don’t know yet whether I’m going up or going down or staying put. The latest has it that Close made T/4, Lee T/4 and I don’t know about the rest of them yet. I’m glad for them. All this isn’t official yet of course.

My cold is much better and my face just has a few pinkles [?] on it yet. How’s your tummy? You never say nuthin’ about it no more. Thought maybe for awhile you were having “growing” pains but not much danger of that, huh, kid. Member how I use to make you get up alla time?

Close and Lee went to town last night. So did Kelly + Doug. I wrote you and Chick a letter then cleaned my rifle — had an ordnance inspection today and got it all dirty, again — then read awhile and went to bed. Had to get a list of guys names in the section of shoe sizes and religion today. That’s a nice mixture, ain’t it?

Didn’t eat any dinner today. Went to the P.X. and bought a carton of cigs, a tube of Molle shave cream, and a pack of razor blades. I’m hoarding blades now. Got 2 packs.

Well, kid, hope you just get better cards at them old card parties. Guess this will be all now. Think I’ll go to the show here tonight. They got on “The 7th Victim.” Sounds gory. Sure love you, kid, and miss you. Be good and so long now.


A tube of Molle shaving cream like the one Snook bought at the P.X. and mentioned in his letter.

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