Saturday, October 16, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Well, Christmas arrived today. Got three packages. Opened Mom’s candy as it wasn’t marked Xmas and then I got yours and Mom’s letter today and she told me what it was so I guess it was alright to open it. The other two I stuck in my B[arracks] bag so I won’t even see it again till we get wherever we go. You won’t be hearing from me for awhile now. Would have liked to call you but I know that is useless. Lord sakes, it’s cheaper to call from California, ain’t it? 8 bucks for a phone call. Wow. It was worth it tho. Got a dollar from Mom today too. Thank her for me.

Guess I’ll go to town tonight with the boys. Don’t think right now that we’ll get stiff as I don’t feel like it. Have to get up in the morning anyway.

I got promoted in jobs, or demoted, I don’t know which. Anyway, I’m section leader now, in place of asst. section leader. Means a lot more work. All us work, work, work. Just like looking after a bunch of kids. Close was given a section too, now. He’ll have to stay with them so we won’t be able to stay together now. Sure hate that. Course I’ll still get to see him as he’s not out of the company.

Hope you had a good time with Mary Ellen. Suppose she’s anxious to get back to her poppy.

I didn’t say who the packages were from, did I? One was from Mom, one from Mildred + one from Mae. Hope they stay together and are something unbreakable because they’ll really get rough treatment.

We’ve really been busy today. Had our usual review and inspection today.

Well, kid, this is so long for awhile. Be good and hope I see you soon. Remember I love you and will miss you like the dickens. Keep writing and I’ll write every chance I get.

So long now.


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